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Do you wanna be the very best? Then do we have an adventure for you! Pokeone is a fan made MMO that offers 3 full regions! We have over 700 catchable Pokémon currently in game. Experience some new custom adventures along the way!

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The Greatest Trainer

Can you conquer each region, and the bosses who protect them? Team Rocket, Team Galactic, and even some Pirates. Collect your team and find out. Hunt, train, and become the greatest trainer. Your adventure awaits!

Be a Champion!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion? Then test your skills in the PvP ladder. We have monthly rewards for single players and guilds! Show us what you are made of!

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PokeOne Art Contest

We know many of our players have some amazing talent. Pokeone give them a chance to show us what they can do with art contests around our quarterly events. This picture is an example of one of our past winners. Check discord for more details!


Latest News

Shiny Hunter Of The Month- June

Shiny Contest

Shiny Hunter Of the Month Hello Trainers! As always, your hunting skills and luck have blown us away. These decisions keep getting harder and harder to make. We wanted to say thank you to this community for all your hard…

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2024-07-03 16:06:22

Pokéone Hunting Event

PokéOne News

Hello Trainers! It has been a while since we have held a community event in game, so we decided to run a hunting event starting Sunday 16-6-2024 2am GST. There are 10 different Pokémon on the list to catch, and…

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2024-06-15 01:33:07

June PokeOne Newsletter

PokéOne News

Hello to our wonderful Pokéone community. We understand that it has been a while since our last news letter, and we wanted to fix that. There are been many changes in-game, and we wanted to address them here and give…

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2024-06-11 16:02:29

Shiny Hunter Of The Month- May

Shiny Contest

Shiny Hunter Of the Month Hello Trainers! We have a first in Shiny Hunter of The Month! We had a TIE! This months first and second place were decided by a coin flip it was so close, between Froakie and…

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2024-06-04 14:34:47

April Shiny Hunter Of The Month

Shiny Contest

April SHotm Hello Trainers!!! April was another amazing month here at PokeOne. We saw the return of the Easter event, and there were a few new surprises there. This month, our community went all out with the submissions for SHoTM.…

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2024-05-05 15:27:06

Shiny Hunter of the Month January

Shiny Contest

Winners In our world of PokeOne, January was a month that co-hosted our Winter event and with that bringing many interesting shinies into the SHotM competition. It was a tough decision for us but here are our 3 winners for…

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2024-02-06 16:54:29

Shiny Hunter of the month December

Shiny Contest

In an exciting month of Pokémon captures and tough competition, participants in the Shiny Pokémon Contest have outdone themselves. Today, we're thrilled to announce the winners who emerged victorious with their stunning Pokémon. After a month of intense rivalry and…

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2024-01-03 23:41:49

Shiny Hunter Of The Month

Shiny Contest

In a month filled with thrilling Pokémon captures and intense competition, participants in the monthly Shiny Pokémon Contest truly outdid themselves. Today, we are thrilled to announce the proud winners who emerged victorious with their dazzling Pokémon. After a month…

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2023-12-10 19:06:12

Our New Homepage is Live!

Homepage News

Hello PokéOne enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new homepage, introducing a plethora of fresh features and updates. As we revel in the excitement of this milestone, we'd like to keep you in the loop about ongoing…

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2023-12-05 21:16:34

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