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PokeOne Community Halloween Event

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5191 Halloween Event

Lavender Halloween Quest

The Halloween Map can be found in Lavendertown on the Kanto region. There you have to run across the mountain in the south-east to get to the event-map. If you run north in that area, you´ll receive the first Halloween Quest from Mina. https://rp-communit...

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5728 Halloween Event

Hollow Island Sidequest

Sidequests This event will be triggered after trying to use the Pokemon-boxes on the first floor and an error occurs. Shortly after, the Janitor appears in front of the stairs. You can talk to him and he will ask you if you intend to use the B...

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??? Disclaimer: This guide is based of empirical processing, meaning that it is based of our experience. This could potentially lead to mistakes, and if you become aware of such a mistake, please contact us, so that we can discuss it and improve ...

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Hollow Island Mainstory

The Story of Hallow Island After traveling via boat to the island, you arrived at the beach Strand Deadman’s Landing. Run north to reach Crowmourn City. Talk to Channeler Hope t...

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