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In this guide you will find all information about the Royal Unova in Unova. How many and when which trainers are in the Royal Unova.

-3 - 7 Trainers
-Virizion Egg as reward
-Time based quest

In Castelia City in the south-east in the harbour you will find the Royal Unova ship where you can do a daily task. Every day there are different trainers waiting for you to defeat them in a certain time. To enter the ship you have to pay 1000 pokedollars.

You get the Challenge in the ship from NPC windward or leeward and start immediately. But as a hint we would like to give you the chance to look around the ship because the trainers are already waiting for you in the rooms. The Pokémon of the trainers have a level of 60-65, so it shouldn't be a problem for you.

Every weekday a different number of trainers are waiting for you.
Day Trainer
Monday 4
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 4
Thursday 5
Friday 4
Saturday 6
Sunday 7

As Extra:
Every day you will find a sailor on the boat, just for listening to him you will get 50 extra trainer experience.

Exp: For each trainer 20 Exp
Pokedollar: For each trainer 1000 pokedollars
Pokémon: Virizion Egg

Max Repel,
Full Heal,
Hyper Potion,
Full Restore,
PP Up,
Rare Candy

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