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  • Easter Event Mainstory
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In this guide we will show you how the main story of the easter event is and guide you step by step through the story.

-The Easter Event is part of the Johto region. (Only your Johto level is important for EXP gain)
-Therefore you have to be the Champion of Johto to enter the event.
-It's recommend to party up for the event, to make the battles easier and fasten the progress in wild battles

Welcome to the Easter event!

To start the event go to Azalea Town, visit the PC and talk to Lucy. She will teleport you to a new map.

The Event contains several areas:
-Woodland Garden
-Vivid Flowers
-Far Away Path
-Meadow Heights
-Loch Duskdale
-Rabbit Hole
-Easter Cave

Video Guide ∨∧

Right at the beginning, Nurse Joy is waiting for you. After a small introduction she will challenge you to a battle. If you lose the battle, you'll be teleported back to the last PC as usual. When you return you can choose the option "I just want the eggs!" to get an easier battle.

Team of Nurse Joy:

After you won, Nurse Joy leaves us with the main quest "The Bunny Pokémon". Our first step is to find Lucy in Woodland Garden. That's the area we are already in. "Talk to Lucy in Woodland Garden"

Nurse Joy can be found in the middle of the area and as always she offers healing. Lucy can be found in the area left from Nurse Joy.

There is a teleporter system which can be used to fast travel between the main areas. Read the wooden signs to get the quest "Signposts" and unlock it, when the quest is completed. Here a Guide with all locations.

Lucy is convinced she saw the Easter Bunny and that it is till around. You have to do wild battles until you find a level 80 Lopunny. Lopunny starts a battle, but is not catchable. After the battle is won, return to Lucy. While talking, the Lopunny runs away and Lucy follows it.

You have to access the next area, Vivid Flowers. The path is blocked by Cool Kid Joey who wants to challenge you. (He starts the sidequest "Easter Training" if you havent got it already from Egghunter Tom click here for the Sidequests)

After Joey is beaten you can access Vivid Flowers. Lucy is waiting at the end of the area, together with Picnicker Bessy. She sends you back to talk to the three sisters in Vivid Flowers. The order in which you talk to the sisters doesn't matter.

Her balloon was stolen by a wild Pokémon. Do wild battles until the Lopunny appears again. Lopunny starts a battle (level 80). After the battle is won, Lopunny runs away and you find the balloon.

When you try to talk to Welma, her balloon flies away. It can be found next to Clown Bruno. Just click on it and return to Welma. Welma tells us that she saw a Lopunny together with a Diggersby.

Norna challenges you to a trainer battle. After the battle is won, she tells you about a wise lady in Meadow Heights.

Now return to Lucy. While having a picnick with Lucy and Bessy all information will be shared. Lucy leaves to reach the next area, "Meadow Heights". Before you follow her, Picnicker Bessy challenges you.

Four more trainers are waiting on the path to "Meadow Heights", be sure to keep your Pokémon healthy. To see which trainer u can face on the follwing path u can click here for the Sidequests

Once you reach Meadow Heights, you find Lucy talking with Lady Mary. She tells you about the Easter Bunny and it's cave. Before you may challenge the Easter Bunny, you'll need a Easter Basket.

Your next task is to find 100 natural decoration stuff from wild battles and stumps. It's recommended to click on every stump, cause it increases the progress by 5! After you have done enough wild battles, return to Lucy. Lady Mary finishes the Easter Basket and Lucy runs to the next area: "Loch Duskdale"

To get to the next area you need to jump into the right hole. It's the one with sign "Wrong way"

Lucy is at the end of the area and when you arrive, she falls down in a hole. All you have to do is jump into the hole to follow her.

Now you are inside the Easter Bunny cave. After a little talk with Lucy you may challenge the Easter Bunny.
After the battle you may take one of the eggs from inside the cave.

Easter Bunny Team

The Easter Bunny is a daily boss, which rewards you with another egg. The egg may contain one of all already accessable legendary or special Pokémon!

Lucy is happy and returns to Woodland Garden. Follow her and after a dialogue with Lucy and Nurse Joy the main quest is completed.

After the main quest is completed "Wild Gold Bounties" are unlocked. In each area you get rewarded with gold for doing a cartain amount of wild battles, depending on the spawn rarity.

Also after the main quest you can pop daily five balloons which rewards you with items, money or exp.

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