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  • Island Trainers Bounty
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In this guide we'll show you where all five daily Sevii Island trainer bounties are located, as well as the locations of each trainer you need to challenge in order to complete the bounties.

-Surf HM required for Kindle Road, Bond Bridge, Resort Gorgeous and Pattern Bush bounties

Kindle Road - One Island (12 Trainers):

To begin Kindle Road's trainer bounty, talk to John Kindle near the beginning of Kindle Road, on the east side of One Island.

Locations of Kindle Road's trainers ∨∧

The first trainer of Kindle Road, Swimmer Abigail, can be found in the water just south of John Kindle.

The next trainer to challenge is Picnicker Claire, on the path north of John Kindle.

Crush Girl Tanya can be found and challenged further north on the Road, up the stairs on the right side.

Next up is Camper Bryce, on the lower left side of Kindle Road.

Swimmer Garret can be found in the water northeast from Camper Bryce, past the second staircase.

Three more opponents, Black Belt Hugh, Black Belt Shea, and duo Mik and Kia can be found further north on Kindle Road, outside the entrance to the hot spring.

Crush Girl Sharon can also be found near the entrance to the hot spring, on the beach.

Continue north from the hot spring by using surf, and you'll find your next opponent Swimmer Maria in the water near the shore.

The final two trainers of Kindle Road, Fisherman Tommy and Swimmer Finn, can be found at the furthest point north of Kindle Road, near the base of Mt. Ember.

Bond Bridge - Three Island (6 Trainers):

Start Bond Bridge's trainer bounty by talking to Ralla, near the beginning of Bond Bridge on Three Island.

Locations of Bond Bridge's trainers ∨∧

The first set of trainers of Bond Bridge are Twins Joy and Mag, located just left from Ralla up two small staircases.

Next trainer is Aroma Lady Violet, further west across the bridge from the Twins and down two staircases.

Follow the path even further west from Violet until you reach the beach, where Tuber Amira waits.

To the left of the beach is a wooden bridge, and the final three trainers of Bond Bridge's bounty: Tuber Alexis and Aroma Lady Nikki across the bridge, and Swimmer Tisha in the water south of the bridge.

Resort Gorgeous - Five Island (7 Trainers)

The Resort Gorgeous trainer bounty is given by Gordon, on the west side of Five Island.

Locations of Resort Gorgeous' trainers ∨∧

Surf straight north from Gordon and Five Island's beach to enter Resort Gorgeous and reach the first trainer, Painter Rayna.

East from Rayna is a larger island which houses the resort building itself, and trainers Lady Jacki and Lady Gillian outside to the left of the building.

More trainers can be found outside the resort building: Painter Celina outside the entrance and Painter Daisy to the right.

One more trainer, Youngster Destin, can be found on the same island behind the resort.

The final trainer in Resort Gorgeous is Swimmer Toby, and can be found in the water east from the resort building.

Pattern Bush Trainers - Six Island (12 Trainers)

To begin Pattern Bush's trainer bounty, talk to Norma at the entrance to the Pattern Bush, which can be reached by surfing north on Six Island's Water Path.

Locations of Pattern Bush's trainers ∨∧

Trainers Youngster Cordell and Pokémon Breeder Bethany can be found in the southeast corner of Pattern Bush, by the entrance.

Two more trainers can be found in the northeast corner, Bug Catcher Garret and Youngster Nash.

Next challenger in the Pattern Bush is Bug Catcher Vance, located in the north-center.

Lass Dalia, Pokémon Breeder Allison, and Bug Catcher Jonah can all be found in the northwest corner of the Bush.

In the southwest corner by the Bush exit are two more challengers, Camper Riley and Picnicker Marcy.

The last of the Pattern Bush bounty trainers, Ruin Maniac Layton and Lass Joana, can be found in the south-center of the Bush.

Sevault Canyon - Seven Island (12 Trainers)

The fifth and final trainer bounty on the Sevii Islands is located on Seven Island. Talk to Rose on the south bridge on Seven Island to begin the bounty.

Locations of Sevault Canyon's trainers ∨∧

Aroma Lady Miah can be challenged first, at the Canyon Entrance across the bridge.

Follow the Canyon Entrance path south to reach the next two trainers Juggler Mason and Ranger Nicolas.

Young Couple John and Eve can be found in a secluded spot on the left side of the Canyon Entrance path, and trainer Madeleine along the main path branching to the right.

Follow the path past Madeleine and climb the staircases to reach the next set of trainers, Cool Couple Lex and Nya.

Tamer Evan can be found inside Sevault Canyon, south of Canyon Entrance and the Tanoby Key cave entrance.

Up the staircase northwest from Evan are Ranger Jackson and Ranger Katelyn, two more challengers.

Continue south into Sevault Canyon to find Crush Girl Cyndy near a breakable rock and cuttable tree.

Lastly, Cooltrainer Leroy and Cooltrainer Michelle can be found in the southernmost part of Sevault Canyon, just before the Tanoby Ruins.

The Aurora Ticket has a chance to drop after any of these Trainer Bounties is finished. However, it is 100% guaranteed to drop after completing four of the five Trainer Challenges within the same day.

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