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  • Johto fast Level 80 Guide
Writer Siver at 2021-08-03 at 5:05 AM 1

In the following summary we’ll list ways to get more trainer experience per day, in order to reach level 80 faster (in Johto):

Daily Bosses:
Daily Quests:
Daily NPC Battles:
Additional exp you can get once:

Resident Evil
The Resident Evil side quest is a 5-8 hour long quest based on Resident Evil 1 and has 100% the same story. A funny implementation of Rusty that brings a lot of fun and a lot of trainer experience.

Cpt. Jeck Spearow Pirate
After Elite 4 you will unlock the sidequest Cpt. Jeck Spearow Pirate. On route 32 south-east through the gate a 3-4 hour task is waiting for you that brings a lot of EXP and money. As well as an extra Hunting area after completing the task.


You can do 5 bounties per area once per day, equalling 40 bounties per day. In general you get more experience when battling trainers /taking trainer battle bounties.

Daily Bosses:
After you defeat the Elite 4, you can fight many bosses that are spread throughout Johto on a daily basis. You can find all the information in our Johto Boss Guide.

Daily Quests:

Johto League Daily Rematch
In this guide we will show you how to unlock the Johto Daily Elite.

Miltank Farm
A small daily task awaits you at the Miltank Farm.

Ruins of Alph Daily Quest
Im Ruins of Alph Guide findet ihr 2 Tägliche Quest die euch beim grind zu Level 80 sicher helfen können.

Battle Frontier
There are many tasks waiting for you in the Battle Frontier. Every day a silver and gold challenge that will give you extra experience and battle points. You can find everything here in the guide as well as beginner to pro teams to defeat the opponents in the Battle Frontier easy!

DeckHand Barny (Find Barny's Primeape) Pirates of Johto (work in progress)

Kim and Kirk Goldenrod Hide and Seek (work in progress)

Daily NPC Battles:

Daily NPC Battles:
There are some NPC's that you can fight daily and that give you some experience and money here in the guide are all listed.

Additional exp you can get once:

Life Orb
A small quest that is already worthwhile because of the Life Orb that you get as a reward. You can do it once and brings some trainer experience.

Tides of Time / Silver Wing
A small sidequest that brings some extra experience

New Bark Town

Power the city ∨∧

In New Bark Town you have to approach the 4 Wind Wheels and set the value that is given. After the 4th wind wheel you will be attacked by electric Pokemon that you have to defeat, these Pokemon are always at trainer level. The enemies are different every day and can be single, double or triple battles.

The reward of the quest is as following::

The Locked Suitcase

The Locked Suitcase ∨∧

In Cherrygrove City, on Route 30 or on Route 31 near the water, you can find a locked suitcase every day. To open it you have to defeat some wild Pokemon in the neighbouring water to get the key from them to open the case.

The reward of the quest is as following: ( The item can be different every day)

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