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  • Rare Candy Guide Johto
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In this guide you will find all information about Rare Candies in Johto.


Alph Ruins
Rock Smash is required to reach this area.
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Route 34
Surf down from the top of the fence and talk with the stone on the land.
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Ecruteak City
Hidden in a trash can near the water.
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Bell Tower
Inside a pokeball on 5F.
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Olivine City
Walk past the Lighthouse and take the stairs down.
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Follow the path left of the Lighthouse and enter the right house. The man will ask you what the food in the restaurant is. If he likes it he will leave.
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Found on the right side of 3F inside the Lighthouse.
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Lake of Rage
Hidden in a corner on the bottom right Lake of Rage near the plateau with Magikarp statues.
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Mt. Mortar
Lower Cave
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Upper Cave
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Battle Tower
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1. Talk to Werner, then to Mr Z.
-> Kurt moves
2. Talk to Bast when he stands under his Pokemon, talk to him from behind/talk to his back.
-> Rhyhorn moves
3. Talk to Sevell.
-> Fist moves
4. Avoid Sorona. If she sees you and speaks to you, she won't run away and you will have to relog and start all over again.

Victory Road
From the entrance, follow the only path until over the bridge, then down the stairs to the right.
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Coming from Route 32 follow the path until you cross the bridge, go down the stairs on the left and up to the ladder. Down and to the right take both stairs, follow the path further to the next ladder and then climb it.
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Mt. Silver
You have to surf down Route 28 to the "Old Entrance" and then follow the path.
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Mt. Silver Upper Mountainside
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