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  • Tester Interview with Elijah
Writer Siver at 2018-06-26 at 2:15 PM 1

Personal questions:

Rising Phoenix: How old are you and where are you coming from?

Elijah: Hello, i am currently 24 years old and i am from Romania, a eastern country from europe.

Rising Phoenix: How long have you been in the Pokémon universe and what games did you play?

Elijah: I have been in the pokemon universe since i was a kid, growing up with watching the kanto season on television and slowly as i grew up i went to the next level with the pc games, 2ds games, 3ds games along with the television series, every year as they got released.

Rising Phoenix: What will be your focus in PokéOne. Will you focus on PvP, collecting, trading or do you play just for fun?

Elijah: I will focus on alot of things, all mentioned in the question + my guild wich i will bring it over along with my friends.

Rising Phoenix: How did you get to pokeone?

Elijah: I got to pokeone through the pro discord while shane showing off screenshot, eventually he chosed some people that was interested for his first closed beta, that happened in september last year.

Rising Phoenix: Where is your favourite place and which place do you think is the prettiest designed? Please add a picture as well.

Elijah: Alot of places are my favorite, from goldenrod city wich i will put a picture to the safari zone of johto and more. The art of the game is just too good to have a favorite.

General questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: What was your impression within the first 15 minutes?

Elijah: My first impression was that i cannot wait for this game to play it on release.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the graphics? You consider them perfect or is there potential for improvements?

Elijah: The graphics are amazing, i don`t consider them perfect because well, nothing really is in this world, but they are close to it and if i were to want some improvements will be about the sprites of characters/pokemons, even if i know the reason why they will remain like this for now.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the battle system in point of structure, appearance, functionality and entertainment?

Elijah: The battle system its awesome, nothing bad to say about it, i am also waiting for the pvp system with ranked and everything else when it will be available.

Rising Phoenix: Did you try out the multibattles yet and if yes what was your impression of those?

Elijah: I did and i love them, allows players the option to battle alongside friends and make awesome events or why not, ranked battle.

Rising Phoenix: Do you think the trainers and gymleaders are balanced? Are they too weak or too strong?

Elijah: So far the A.I. its not coded so they are easy to say so, i am waiting for when they will be stronger and smash us into madness of rage.

Rising Phoenix: How much time have you spent in pokeone?

Elijah: I have spent aloooooooooooot of time, cannot say an exact number, but i did not really take a brake since i started in september last year.

Rising Phoenix: What was your best experience so far?

Elijah: My best experience is that things gets listen to, the developers learned from previous games and see what kind of stuff attracts players from any genders, so far i am in love with the models of pokemons in battle and the ability of not having to grind 5 hours per day for a single rare pokemon ( some people will know what i mean :p )

Rising Phoenix: Are there any wishes you have for the game or anything you would still change?

Elijah: I wish that things will continue to get listen to, the community will let aside the toxic behaviour from previous games ( if any at all ) and try to make this game to be the best pokemon mmo experience, a true pokemon lover will have.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the planned flying map?

Elijah: Totally awesome, a feature wich as for the time this interview is posted, already tested it alongside others.

Rising Phoenix: What problems did you face during your testing and what things did you report?

Elijah: Like everyone else who were here and massive testing, i faced countless things and reported alot of stuff and i still continue to do that.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think can we expect from Pokéone and how will it have to keep the players entertained over a long time?

Elijah: You can expect the best experience ever, in some cases the only game you will play: either when you are coming from work, school, etc. As long as there is content, players will continue to stay and play.

Rising Phoenix: Have you played alone or in a party during your testing? What was your experience with the partysystem?

Elijah: The party system is great, we encountered and fixed many bugs ( developers :p ), and i did both ways.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about your boxing system in point of appearance and functionality?

Elijah: For begining, considering it will be the only real money gathering bank, is good, i also like that it gives to people rewards and make the game fair for everyone.

Rising Phoenix: Have you tried beating the bosses across the map yet and how were your experience with those?

Elijah: I did tried all of them and the experience is great, i must say when the A.I. gets coded, we won`t have an easy life with them :p.

Rising Phoenix: How was it for you to be so close to the development team while a new game is made?

Elijah: It was the best experience and still is the best experience ever. Being a pokemon lover, nerd or whatever you want to call it, and since i discovered the other game at a later stage, i always wished to be close from the begining in another awesome pokemon game. Well my wish has been granted :p.

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