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  • PokéOne Dev-Interview with Shane
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Questions about „Shane“

Rising Phoenix: What's your experience with Pokémon? Have you been playing other Pokémon games earlier before PRO? When did you play your first Pokémon game? Do you enjoy it to play Pokémon?

Shane: My experience with pokemon.. I guess I started playing red/blue on a gameboy emulator back around 1999, couldn't afford a gameboy or games for that matter. But my brother won a gameboy that same year in a competition, and a year later I got pokemon Silver for my birthday and that was my first “real” pokemon experience.

I really enjoy Pokemon, up until they ruined it with to many random ass Pokemon that don't make sense, and changed the story and added stupidly powerful pokemon and other things.. So I only like Pokemon up until Gen 2.
I have completed red/blue/yellow & g/s/c and the remakes many times.

Rising Phoenix:Do you play PokéOne by yourself or are you more like 'the man in the background'?

Shane: When PokeOne comes out finally after spending the last couple of years almost developing it, I will forsure play it.

Rising Phoenix: If you're playing what are you focusing on? Just4Fun, collector or even PVP-player?

Shane: I'm not all that much knowledgable in todays Pokemon as I really dont care after Gen 2, so im not very competitive, I just like to play for fun and get sentimental about my own Pokemon I catch.

Rising Phoenix: Are we going to see you as normal player (maybe not your admin/staff account) on Server?

Shane: Of course, you will see me playing as a normal player! I cant wait to play this game. Its not often you get to enjoy your work like this.. So I hope it pays off!

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