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  • PokéOne Dev-Interview with Shane
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General Questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: How did it happen that you take such a huge and amazing task by your own and start to program your own game like PokéOne?

Shane: PokeOne is in a league of its own, I'm not taking on this task by my self, I have a wonderful team who I love. The backend of this game is insanely powerful and built much better then I could imagine. I couldn't do it without them, I am just the Game Client & Map editor coder here.

Rising Phoenix: How much work does it take to program an own game from the bottom of beginning?

Shane: Honestly it can take years if you are trying to make something great and not rushed, PokeOne was started at the start of 2016 and we got along way to go yet. And that is working on it almost every day we can.

Rising Phoenix: How can we join your closed 'beta'?

Shane: You could join the Discord we chat in, and be active and polite and in general just an awesome person we tend to grab testers every now and then we need stuff tested.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be a phase like open beta, where every player gains access to test your game?

Shane: Probably just before it goes live we will let this happen to iron out any remaining problems.

Rising Phoenix: What's in your opinion the biggest change in comparison to PRO, besides the well accomplished graphics?

Shane: Everything honestly, the game is built ground up with some major tech behind it. Its a scalable server backend, but my most favourite thing is the map editor I coded, it can map 3d enviroments easily, and in real time with other team members, so if you were making a map, other people could be on that same map helping you all seeing every change you are all making as it happens.

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