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  • PokéOne Dev-Interview with Shane
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In game Question about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: Which regions are planned for release?

Shane: Probably Kanto/Johto I imagine.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be a Coinshop again? And if so, which items can we buy? Will there be Membership (MS), costumes and mounts again?

Shane: At this stage no, there is a lootbox system though that contains mounts, clothing items, various items, coins for things ingame like making guilds, or changing some pokemon stats, you get many of these for free just playing the game anyway. So its completely free to play, no pay to win stuff.

Rising Phoenix: If there is a Coinshop, will items be tradeable?

Shane: No coin shop planned.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be some quests for people in a group or even guilds like raids?

Shane: Yes, the game is full of quests, there is a decent quest system that tracks your quests, you can do them together with people in a party if you wish. As far as I know there will be “raids” where you need some decent friends/party members to do some dungeons or something, im not entirely sure as this isnt my area of staff.

Rising Phoenix: Unfortunately, we all saw bot user in PRO. Will it be the same in PokéOne or will PokéOne act against it at the beginning?

Shane: Bots are in every game, and ultimately are not stopable to an extent.
But it would be a lot harder for the average script kiddy to make a bot for this game, as to get anywhere you need to quest, do achievements, you need that sweet sweet player experience.. because without it, your pokemon are capped to your players level in battle. So if someone did make a simple bot to train, it wouldnt do them any good. They would still have level 5 pokemon in battle without actually playing the game for example. Theres other things in place. But just the way the game is designed already should help.

Rising Phoenix: Are we able to encounter mass-spawns like in later generations like 1vs6 in wild battles?

Shane: Possibly, at this current stage you can encounter this kind of thing in a party with other people.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be some shiny Pokémon and how rare are they?

Shane: Yes! 1 in 4096 I think it is.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be NPC bosses like in PRO?

Shane: Im not entirely sure what they are like in PRO, but there will be hard NPCs to go up agaisnt. Especially in raids.

Rising Phoenix: Will there be something like an auction house for items and pokemon as well?

Shane: At this stage, I dont know. But its certainly possible to make one later on with out much drama. The game engine is really solid.

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