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This guide contents all of our informations about the released bosses in PokèOne. To helping update this guide, please contact us if you notice there is something missing or false.

-Each time you have beaten a boss, its level will rise 1 higher.
-The abilities of the boss pokes are randomized on each encounter, depends on the variety of their defined abilities which can be looked up in the dex.

Index of Content:
Root of Evil


Boss Ash

Location: Mt Silver Summit (mt Silver)
Requirements: Finished Kanto or Johto story

Pokemon Team: ∨∧


Moveset: Thunderbolt - Quick Attack - Volt Tackle - Iron Tail
Start Level: 84
Max Level: 104


Moveset: Body Slam - Psychic - Brine - Blizzard
Start Level: 80
Max Level: 100


Moveset: Shadow Ball - Crunch - Blizzard - Giga Impact
Start Level: 82
Max Level: 102


Moveset:Frenzy Plant - Sludge Bomb - Sleep Powder - Giga Drain
Start Level: 81
Max Level: 101


Moveset:Air Slash - Flare Blitz - Blast Burn - Dragon Pulse
Start Level: 83
Max Level: 103


Moveset:Hydro Cannon - Focus Blast - Blizzard - Flash Cannon
Start Level: 80
Max Level: 100

Video Guide to beat Ash ∨∧

Rewards ∨∧

Trainer Exp. +400, Pokedollars +2000, Jade Orb, Metal Coat, Light Ball, Poison Barb, Focus Band, Shell Bell, Magnet
Tm 14, Tm 23, TM 34, TM 36, TM 48, TM 50, TM 60, TM 62, TM 64, TM78, TM79
Chople Berry, Hondew Berry, Sitrus Berry, Salac Berry, Charti Berry, Occa Berry, Durin Berry
Psychic Gem, Grass Gem, Poisen Gem, Normal Gem, Bug Gem, Electric Gem

Boss Mewtwo

Location: Cerulean Cave B1F (Cerulean Cave)
Requirements: none

Map with the way trough Cerulean Cave ∨∧

Start Level: 75
Max Level: 113
Holditem: Life Orb
Moveset: Aura Sphere - Ice Beam - Psystrike - Shadow Ball
Video Guide to beat Mewtwo ∨∧


Requirements: won 25x against Mewtwo and Trainlevel 100

Moveset: Psychocut - Rock Slide - Drainpunch - Earthquake
Start Level: 100
Max Level: 113

Rewards ∨∧

Pokémon: Mew

Trainer Exp = Mewtwos lvl x2, Pokedollars = Mewtwos lvl x20, Jade Orb, Black Sludge, Light Clay, Power Band, Wide Lens
Tm 16, TM 26, TM 39, TM 48, TM 49, Tm 52, TM54, TM57, TM61, TM88
Tanga Berry, Paypapa Berry, Chesto Berry, Figy Berry, Starf Berry, Micle Berry, Wacan Berry,
Rindo Berry, Passho Berry
Ground Gem, Normal Gem, Psychic Gem, Rock Gem, Water Gem, Fire Gem

Root of Evil

Location: Cerulean Valley
Requirements: Kanto Champion

Pokemon Team: ∨∧

Root of evil randomly selects 6 Pokemon for his team from this list.

Rewards ∨∧

Trainer Exp: 180,
Pokedollars: 2000,
Pokémon: Igglybuff Egg, Azurill Egg, Wynaut Egg, Bonsly Egg, Happiny, Mantyke
Items: Max Repel
, Max Revive
, Big Pearl
, Heart Scale
, Big Mushroom
, Rare Candy
, Electirizer
, Magmarizer
, Whipped Dream
, Rare+ Hour

Hardmode Only:
TM Aurora Veil,
Ice Stone

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    <p>Root of Evil is missing. I wanted to know his rewards.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

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    <p>i add him</p>

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    <p>Who is Root of Evil, i search but not found him :(</p><p><br></p>

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    2020-04-02 at 7:05 PM - <a href="/index.php?mod=users&amp;action=view&amp;id=14438">SonicBDo</a>:
    <blockquote class="blockquote"><p>Who is Root of Evil, i search but not found him :(</p></blockquote><p><br></p><p>Route 10 surf up there is a new questline in kanto with root of evil boss</p><br>

  • 2020-10-16
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    <p>Here's A updated way to beat Mewtwo And Mega Mewtwo.</p><p>Pokes needed&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1rem; letter-spacing: 0.015em;">&nbsp;3x Mimikyu&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></p><p>Mimikyu in 1st slot Equiped with Wide lens and know toxic.&nbsp; toxic 90%+ lens =100%&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1rem; letter-spacing: 0.015em;">Stall for 4 turns potentially 5 if needed.&nbsp;</span><span style="font-size: 1rem; letter-spacing: 0.015em;">For Mimikyu's just swap and protect/ shadow sneak.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span style="font-size: 1rem; letter-spacing: 0.015em;">A little slower than Destiny Bond, but you will have retained a revive making profit with each fight.</span></p><p><br></p>

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    <p>Can you add the Sevii island bosses?</p><p>I'd really like to know what Deoxys can drop</p>

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    <p>I would like to know what the drop rate of the eggs are?</p>

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