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This guide contents all of our informations about the released bosses in PokèOne. To helping update this guide, please contact us if you notice there is something missing or false.

All bosses are under rules so you can't cheese them or trick them.
-Banned Moves: Doubleteam, Minimize, Smokescreen, Mirror Move, Transform, Destiny Bond, Endeavor, Fissure, Guillotine, Mud Sport, Horn Drill, Perish Song and Sheer Cold
-Banned Abilitys: Imposter, Anger Point and Contrary
-Some bosses rise one level after each defeat, but have a maximum level of 113.

Index of Content:
Root of Evil

What is the loottable at the bosses?
The Loottable only refers to Exp, Gold, Pokedollars, Loot Boxes and Jade Orbs. This means that all these values increase with the loottable rise. But this does not apply to the items, they have their own item pool that never changes and is not linked to the loottable, so a level 1 loottable player has the same chances to get the items as a level 5 loottable player.

How do I know if a Boss is a Loottable Boss?
Each Loot table Boss has a small sign nearby that indicates your own Loot Level. This is based on how many times you have defeated the boss. Loot level 1 (0-25), Loot level 2 (25-44), Loot level 3 (45-74), Loot level 4 (75-114) and Loot level 5 (115+).


Boss Ash

Location: Mt Silver Summit (mt Silver)
Requirements: Finished Kanto or Johto story

Pokemon Team:

Ash's teams are chosen as follows: one of the 3 Pikachu's from Team 1 and 5 other Pokémon from the Team 2 list. Once you have Ash's Pokemon 100+ and you are Trainer level 100, one of the Mega Forms will be added.

Ash´s Pokémon´s


General Team:

Megas if Ash´s Pokemon reach Level 100

Exp: 250 - 350
Pokedollar: 2500 - 10000
Gold: 10 - 100
Pokémon: Pikachu with Cap

Dawn Stone,
Old Amber,
Metal Coat,
Focus Band,
Shell Bell,
Light Ball,
Poison Barb,
TM79 Frost Breath,
TM78 Bulldoze,
TM64 Explosion,
TM62 Acrobatics,
TM60 Quash,
TM34 Sludge Wave,
TM50 Overheat,
TM23 Smack Down,
TM36 Sludge Bomb,
Jade Orb,
TM14 Blizzard,
Star Piece,
Rare Bone,
Reroll Token,
Premier Ball,
Cherish Ball,
Tamato Berry,
Hondew Berry,
Grepa Berry,
Sitrus Berry,
Salac Berry,
Coba Berry,
Charti Berry,
Chople Berry,
Occa Berry,
Durin Berry,
Super Repel,
Max Repel,
Gold Box Small ,
Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour,
Shiny Buff Hour,

Boss Mewtwo

Location: Cerulean Cave (Quest from Dr. Taps at the start of Cerulean Cave)

Map through Cerulean Cave ∨∧

Pokemon Team:

Mewtwo remains in its normal form until you have defeated it 25 times. After you have won 25 times, Mewtwo randomly transforms into Mewtwo X or Y every day.

Mewtwo Movesets:

Exp: 200 - 375
Pokedollar: 1000 - 7500
Gold: 10 - 75
Pokemon Egg: Mew

TM52 Focus Blast,
TM49 Echoed Voice,
TM39 Rock Tomb,
TM54 False Swipe,
TM57 Charge Beam,
TM16 Light Screen,
TM48 Round,
TM88 Sleep Talk,
Big Nugget,
Star Piece,
Rare Bone,
Big Pearl,
Premier Ball,
Cherish Ball,
Leppa Berry,
Rindo Berry,
Wacan Berry,
Passho Berry,
Figy Berry,
Chesto Berry,
Payapa Berry,
Starf Berry,
Micle Berry,
Rowap Berry,
Super Repel,
Max Repel,
TM61 Will-O-Wisp,
TM26 Earthquake,
TM29 Psychic,
Black Sludge,
Light Clay,
Power Band,
Wide Lens,
Thick Club,
Helix Fossil,
Dusk Stone,
Shiny Buff Hour,
Trainer Exp+ Hour,
EV Training+ Buff Hour,
Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour,
Gold Box Small,
Reroll Token,
Jade Orb

Root of Evil

Location: Cerulean Evil Tomb
Requirements: Kanto Champion and Cerulean Valley Story finished

Pokemon Team:

Root of Evil has three different modes Easy Normal and Hard mode. In easy mode you fight against 4 Pokémon between level 55 to 65. in normal mode you fight against 6 Pokémon between level 65 to 85. the hard mode is a next level challenge you fight against 9 level 85 to 125 Pokémon and the team can contain Mega Pokémon. Root Of Evil randomly picks the Pokémon he fights from this list:

Exp: 180
Pokedollar: Easy mode: 1250, Nomal mode: 1750 Hard mode: 5000
Gold: Only Hard mode: 200
Pokemon Egg´s: Igglybuff
, Azurill
, Wynaut
, Bonsly
, Happiny
, Mantyke

Items: Max Repel
, Max Revive
, Big Pearl
, Heart Scale
, Big Mushroom
, Rare Candy
, Electirizer
, Magmarizer
, Whipped Dream
TM Aurora Veil,
Ice Stone

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