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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with HamHam
Writer Siver at 2018-04-27 at 9:22 PM 1

Personal questions

Rising Phoenix: How old are you and where are you coming from?

HamHam: I’m 17 and im not comfortable with sharing where i live(sorry).

Rising Phoenix: How long have you been in the Pokémon universe and what games did you play?

HamHam: Well i’ve been playing pokemon since i was a kid,around 10 years old,and i played the fire-red and leafgreen games and ruby and emerald.

Rising Phoenix: What will be your focus in PokéOne. Will you focus on PvP, collecting, trading or do you play just for fun?

HamHam: Well i think i’ll try to focus on everything considering i’ve never really played an online pokemon game so seriously,but mainly i think i’ll focus on pvp.

Rising Phoenix: How did you get to pokeone?

HamHam: I saw one of my favourite youtubers RuffledRowlit play it and i wanted to try it out.Ruffled left the discord link in his description and so i checked it out.

Rising Phoenix: Where is your favourite place and which place do you think is the prettiest designed? Please add a picture as well.

HamHam: I’m not sure i’m allowed to drop a picture,but for me i really loved Pallet town. My favourite place is vermillion city though mainly because of the music

General questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: What was your impression within the first 15 minutes?

HamHam: I loved it from the start.The graphics were something i’ve never seen on any other pokemon game and it was perfect.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the graphics? You consider them perfect or is there potential for improvements?

HamHam: I think they are lovely the way they are but i won’t mind an improvement(I mean who wouldn’t).

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the battle system in point of structure, appearance, functionality and entertainment?

HamHam: The battle system is the main feature that really caught my eye when watching Ruffled’s video and is probably why i love it so much.

Rising Phoenix: Did you try out the multibattles yet and if yes what was your impression of those?

HamHam: Yes I have tried the multibattles and they are as good as the single battles.

Rising Phoenix: Do you think the trainers and gymleaders are balanced? Are they too weak or too strong?

HamHam: I think they are balanced except maybe for Johto where i think that they are too weak.

Rising Phoenix: How much time have you spent in pokeone?

HamHam: Quite a lot.Mostly because the last few weeks i had holidays which i spent most of it on PokeOne.

Rising Phoenix: What was your best experience so far?

HamHam: The feeling of finding a bug is one of the best experiences i’ve had on my time in this game.

Rising Phoenix: Are there any wishes you have for the game or anything you would still change?

HamHam: I think that the things i want added are going to be added so there isnt much i can say.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the planned flying map?

HamHam: Tester:I think that’s going to set this game apart from the rest.It’s gonna be superb and is a great idea in the first place.

Rising Phoenix: What problems did you face during your testing and what things did you report?

HamHam: Well i’ve been here for quite some time and i’ve found a lot of stuff but one of the problems is that you sometimes feel like you arent finding anything useful to the game but i’ve quickly learnt that every little aspect is useful.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think can we expect from Pokéone and how will it have to keep the players entertained over a long time?

HamHam: I think that we can expect a lot of fun and entertainment from PokeOne and the fact that other regions are still being added is going to keep people entertaine.

Rising Phoenix: Have you played alone or in a party during your testing? What was your experience with the partysystem?

HamHam: Well my experience with the party system was great.I’ve never seen anything like it on a pokemon game.The fact that you are able to play with your friends co-op is fantastic.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about your boxing system in point of appearance and functionality?

HamHam: I think it’s fine and i dont think a box needs to look good it just needs to work but this is my opinion.

Rising Phoenix: Have you tried beating the bosses across the map yet and how were your experience with those?

HamHam: Wow, the bosses are quite easy if you have the right pokemon to counter them.

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