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In this guide you will find all the information where the reindeer hide in the Christmas event.

-Pokémon Champion in Kanto and Johto
-LvL 60+ Pokémon in Team
-Pokémon with Surf in Team

You'll meet Steve and Santa at the south exit of the Ice Way on the Mistletoe Way route. Steve tells you the Grinch is still trying to destroy Christmas. He made himself a Santa hat and coat that looks like Santa's. Dressed like this he sneaked into Snowflake Village and released all the reindeer. The reindeer are now running in all directions and you have to catch them again for Santa.

Locations of the 9 reindeer:
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Tinsel Trail

Snowmans Land

Silver Bell Mountain

Mount Crumpet Lower

Mount Cumpet Upper

Mount Cumpet Caves

After you have captured all the reindeer you have to find Cindi Lu. Cindi Lu is overjoyed that you have caught all the reindeer, which finishs your quest. You can find Cindi Lu on the Map Mount Cumpet Upper in the west.


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