• Main Story: Save Christmas!
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In this guide you will find all information about the main story of the Christmas event.

-Pokémon Champion in Kanto and Johto
-LvL 60+ Pokémon in Team
-Pokémon with Surf in Team

Arrived at the Christmas Map you will be addressed directly by Steve. The one who tells you the story of the Grinch. The Grinch hates Christmas and is an always annoyed creature. He wants to destroy Christmas and it's up to you to save it.

Follow the path further north you'll have to fight a trainer until you arrive at Elf Jess who is blocking your way by repairing the wheel of his cart. After talking to him you will receive the quest "Explore Snowflake Village".

You should find and visit 6 checkpoints in Snowflake Village.
Here are all checkpoints ∨∧

Talk with Nurse Joy in PokeCenter

Talk to Elf Jen in the middle of Snowflake Village.

In the south-east you'll find The Sables, talk to Elf Sonlay in there.

Talk to Elf Milly in North Snowflake Village.

At the Toy Factory west of Snowflake Village Hills.

Visit Carl at the Pokémon Store.

After you have visited all the places, your questlog will be updated and you will get the task "Find the Mayor of Snowflake Village". The Major's house is located in the south-west of Snowflake Village.

Mayor Augustus Maywho informs you that a lot of strange events are happening in Snowflake Village. Gifts and Christmas trees mysteriously disappear. During the conversation, Cindy Lu comes running down from the top floor and tells us that Christmas has completely disappeared in Snowflake Village! Your questlog will be updated and you will receive the Quest Save Christmas!

Follow Major Augustus Maywho outside and you'll see that Cindy Lu was right - all the gifts and the big Christmas tree were stolen. Major Augustus Maywho can't imagine who could have done such a horrible crime. Until Steve comes to the village, who says that the Grinch has stolen everything and wants to ruin Christmas in Snowflake Village. Augustus and Cindy ask you to find Santa and help him out.

You leave Snowflake City heading south again and where Elf Jess has blocked the way with his cart the story continues. You are on the Wintery Way. First go directly south till you reach a bridge on which you meet Elf Victoia. The Elf tells you that the bridge is not safe and you should find another way. But before you can go, he challenges you to a fight.

Because the bridge is destroyed, you'll have to find an alternative way. Go north-east, passing Elf Pheeb, to the Noel Pass.

Cross the Noel Pass until you come to a crossing, where you'll find Elf Jen on top and Elf Petrice below. First you have to go down onto the jetty and surf across the river in the Jingle Valley towards the south-east.

Surf until you see Elf Zora and the entrance to a cave in Snowmans Land. Cross the Ice Way past Elf Syra and Elf Mikayu and leave the cave again. After leaving the cave at the exit Santa is waiting for you.

Steve comes along and tells you that the Grinch has done a horrible deed. He has disguised himself as Santa, sneaked into the village and set all the reindeer free. They are now scattered everywhere - it's your turn to find them all and bring them back.

For the reindeer story we have written a small guide (you will need the reindeer quest later for this quest to continue). you can find it here

To the west and east you will find a reindeer and some sidequest but for the mainstory you have to go back to the fork with the 2 elves.

Now we are at the fork before Elf Jen in the Noel Pass past Elf Jen Nord-Westlich. Continue on the Noel Pass past Bad Elf Ellen over the small bridges. To the Silver Bell Mount.

Continue north east up the stairs then east to the Ski Lodge and talk to Skier Fabio. During the conversation with Fabio Steve comes to the Ski Lodge and is happy that you made it this far. He doesn't remind you to forget the reindeer that still have to be captured. But the Grinch must also be stopped he should be on top of Mount Crumpet. The way through the cave is now open and you should go on your way.

Get inside Mount Crumpit Entrance cave.

In Mount Crumpit Entrance there are 2 ways to the north and to the west in the north you will find a reindeer and in the east our story continues. Out of the eastern exit Bad Elf Terressa is already waiting for you. Which challenges you to a fight.

Here we are on a larger area with different terraces. Many reindeer are hidden here. In the east in a cave 3 pieces further up in the east one on the slope and still some more. For the reindeer story we have written a small guide (you will need the reindeer quest later for this quest to continue). you can find it here

Continue in the north-west in the cave in front of the Bad Elf Petra stands.

At Mount Crumpit Caves you will come to a turnoff. To the west you can find a reindeer. To the east you continue through the cave.

At the next turn-off we go west to another reindeer and in the east out of the cave to Mount Crumpet Lower where another Bad Elf is waiting for us.

Down south another reindeer is waiting for you to catch. Then you should have all the reindeer and continue north up the stairs and west until you reach Cindy Lu.

Continue your way up to Mount Cumpet Upper where the Grinch cave is waiting for you.

The Grinch sends you away but since you don't want to go he challenges you to a battle.
The Team:
Klefki LvL 79, Slurpuff LvL 93, Audino 88, Salamence lvl 99, Whimsicott lvl 84, Aromatisse lvl 81

After you've won the battle, the Grinch gets furiously angry and wants to throw the Santa sled down the cliffs with all the presents. Outside Steve with the Grinch is waiting for you.

There the Grinch quietly hears Christmas songs from the bottom of Snowflake Village and all that without the residents having Christmas decorations or gifts. The Grinch understands that it's not the gifts and the trouble around Christmas that make it special but that people have each other and celebrating can make them happy.

Back in Snowflake Village the Santa awaits you in front of the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Santa thanks you for your help but wonders where is Cindy Lu? the next part continues here....

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