• Main Story Part 2: Cindy Lu Where are u?
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In this guide you will find all the information where the reindeer hide in the Christmas event.

-Pokémon Champion in Kanto and Johto
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-Pokémon with Surf in Team

After you've finished the story with the Grinch, the Major and Santa wonder where Cindy Lu is. She was last seen on Mount Crumpet. But Santa remembers that Cindy wanted to see Mr. Scrooge. Mr. Scrooge's house can be found in the north-east on Snowflake Village Hill.

In Mr. Scrooge's house you'll meet Steve again who already helped you in the Grinch adventure. Steve tells you you have to help Mr. Scrooge to become more friendly again. We're supposed to rekindle the spirit of Christmas. To do that, ghosts visit him that night.

Then go to the second floor. There you'll find 3 doors one to the top, right and left. First it goes through the door in the north there behind you find Cindy Lu.

Cindy Lu tells you she tried to celebrate Mr. Scrooge with Snowflake Village Christmas. But for Mr. Scrooge it's all just hokum and he doesn't want to hear about it. Then she wanted to go back to the village and went into the wrong room and the door slammed behind her.

Cindy is found but she asks you to try to convince Mr. Scrooge to celebrate Christmas with Snowflake Village. Mr. Scrooge is in the left door when you go back into the hall.

After entering Mr. Scrooge's room you see Mr. Scrooge standing by the fireplace and the ghost of Jacob Marley appears. The ghost asks you who you are and that he must deliver a message without being disturbed.

Steve comes along and tells the story of Marley. He doesn't want Scrooge to go through the same thing as Marley he has to change and he has to open his heart. Therefore Marley sends 3 ghosts to Mr. Scrooge that night to change his mind.

Mr. Scrooge doesn't seem to care, he just goes to sleep. Jacob Marley has issued his warning and is on his way. But before you do, you have to fight him.

Later that night, Mr. Scrooge wakes up and the first ghost appears. Mr. Scrooge was full of fear and worried about what was happening now. He asks, "Are you the ghost of Christmas past?"

The ghost takes Mr. Scrooge into his past and shows him his school days an old story that Mr. Scrooge is supposed to show that compassion is more important than money. Back in the house the ghost speaks to you and tells you that Mr. SCrooge had a horrible childhood but he can still change. Then the ghost sets off but wants to fight against you first.

Now Mr Scrooge can't sleep anymore and decides to read a book. Follow him to the library that was in the corridor on the right.
There you will meet the 2nd ghost. The 2nd ghost shows Mr. Scrooge another story to convince him to change. Also the 2nd ghost wants to fight briefly before he sets off.

Mr. Scrooge seems like he thinks a lot and slowly changes his attitude. All this trouble has made him hungry and he's on his way to the dining room. You'll find the dining room on the ground floor in the east door. Then in the next hallway the door in the north. There Mr. Scrooge and the 3rd ghost are waiting for you.

The third and last ghost scares Mr. Scrooge very much. The ghost reminds Mr. Scrooge that it doesn't make sense to be grim and alone and shows him if he doesn't change he will die lonely. This last story shows Mr Scrooge that he has to change and he promises to be friendly from now on.

Back in Mr Scrooge's house, he promises to live and spread the spirit of Christmas, to share food and gifts. After that, the ghost will be on its way, but before that, you'll have to do a battle against it.

Now only back to Cindy and you are finished with the mainstory of this year's Christmas event. Marry Christmas


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