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    They hate us cuz they ain't us.

    We're growing slowly but steadily as we focus on quality over quantity. If you're looking to be in a PvP guild filled with like-minded people or to step up your game, we may be a match. We also create a lot of guides and share helpful tips for the community. Slightly edgy but hella litty, we dope diggity.

    Here's a little story to make my point:

    In a little town not far from you lived two brothers called Billy and Willy. Billy and Willy had a dream of one day becoming a top player in PokeOne and made a pact to battle each other after three months.
    Billy joined Quick Claw Mafia and took the time to learn basic mechanics and to build a team properly. On the other hand, Willy joined your casual PvP guild where he learned to rely on gimmicks and noobstomping techniques to win.
    Once the time to duel arrived, Billy used his new skills to high jump kick Willy with a shovel so hard that Willy died. No one went to his funeral, not even his own pokemons who were happy to finally be free from such a noob. Be smart like Billy, join Quick Claw Mafia.

    To join, share with us those 3 things:
    -Your PvP experience
    -Current state in P1
    -Some informations about you
    -Your best dad joke or word play.

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    issa trap, we hardstuck dia tft guild uwu

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    That story was awesome <3 hahaha

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