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    I was banned from discord Pokeone (I think about 3 months ago).

    I was asking genuine questions and the same person kept trolling me and being toxic with their responses. Eventually, after several times of this person doing this, I snapped and was toxic back and I will admit I was more toxic.

    I should have known better than to get mad at internet trolls and ignored his comments. However, for someone who I believe was an admin, shouldn't they have just answered me properly or just ignored my questions if the didn't want to help me?

    I am sorry for my responses and I would really like to rejoin the Discord. Can I please have my Discord ban removed please? I will ignore people being trolls in the future. I would love to be able to rejoin the Discord as being part of the community made Pokeone fun to play and I would love to start playing again and go to Unova.

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    I will take a look into your ban tomorrow i cant promise i can help u, but better contact direct a Mod or GM from Official Discord. We here only a Community Homepage not official

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