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    Hello everyone,
    are you looking for some action, fun or philosophy? You're interested in playing 2v2 (doubles) and want to improve your skills. PVE... what is that?

    Then come and join:

    Happy High Herbs

    Why Happy High Herbs?
    Some people call us dreamers, others say we are dope. Here in P1 we are not illegal, so we are smashing the Ladder all day long.
    - F&F (Funny and friendly)
    - Good team-building skills
    - No obligations
    - Top guild PvP rewards (obviously)
    - Perfect for beginners and advanced players

    - Just one: finished Kanto or Johto story

    How to join?
    - Small comment below as shown
    - /pm Disconnected <--- if he is online

    -> IG-Name
    -> Why do I want to join?
    -> How long have I been playing P1?

    PS: Looking for a leader for the 1v1 department

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