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    Extinction Daycare Service

    RULES ∨∧

    • You may request a service by leading a forum post, using the /pm command in P1 or by joining our Discord Server. Please include Pokemon you wish to have serviced and which service you wish to have completed.

    • We service Pokémon from Kanto , Johto & Unova

    • In the case that you disappear from P1 after 2 weeks of failing to receive your Pokémon back. We will assume rights of your Pokémon. If you may be gone for a while as we am completing your order, please send me a message and let me know. We don't mind holding onto your Pokémon we just want to know when you will be back for them.

    • When we accept your orders, we normally start right away and ensure we will complete the order as fast as possible.

    • At most, orders of ev training will be done within the day the Pokemon is received. More often than not, the order will be finished within a few hours of receiving. If there is any delay with the order I will let you know.

    - Rates :
    • Our rates are fairly standard in a competitive sense. We do accept alternative ways of paying through PokeDollars, items & Gold Coins.

    For more INFO please click the Discord for the Link!


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