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    I keep encountering an odd problem ingame. During battles, my game freezes regularly and nothing helps but closing the program and reopening it.

    Sometimes the battle will continue like normal, but other times this happens 2-4 times until I can finish the battle. Sometimes the freeze occurs immediately when the battle starts, sometimes after a few attacks.

    My laptop runs PokeOne just fine (it runs games like Elder Scrolls Online and WoW as well), but despite that I tried lowering the graphics settings and playing on a smaller resolution. This seems to have fixed the problem in solo battles, but I play with a partner, and whenever she and I do party battles, the freezes return every 4-5 battles or so. Only for me, not for her, who uses a tiny lower-tech netbook.

    Tried looking for a solutions in the forums, but found none. What can I do to fix this? Might redownloading and reinstalling help?

    Thank you very much!

    PS: I started playing PokeOne 2 days ago and I'm LOVING it! I just ADORE the map designs with all their beautiful details and coop is so much fun! It's obvious how much love and care is being put into the game and I'm looking forward to hunt for lots of shiny bug pokemon <3

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    Hello, the only possible reason that comes to my mind would be that your gpu is out of date;
    Try to update your graphic drivers manually via the manufacturer's website. Don't use any auto-updater.

    If that doesn't help, please join our discord server for further support. I believe communication there will be much faster.


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