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    I started playing the game and i saw that pokemon name have colors.
    I wondered what it was so i search on PokeOne site and saw that was to help identify the pokemon with the Best IV.
    But since i'm colorblind it came with a difficulty, differentiate the green from gold , and the blue from the purple.

    I don't know if it's something difficult to change(but if your code was well made i'm going to say its simple :p ), but if you could consider create a setting that could be changed would be amazing

    you could add the default , Deuteranopia , Protanopia, Tritanopia

    it would be amazing if you could add a custom one, but i know that would be more difficult

    Thank you for your time reading this
    I apology for any misspelling, English isn't my first language

    I Really Appreciate

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    i gave this suggestion to the developers

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