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    Doubles in Trouble!

    Hello, here in the thread I will post weekly the team what I use in the stream. With all Pokemon and movesets. You are welcome to give your opinion or post your own teams. If I like them I would also test them on stream.

    Team 1: (Stream from 06.03.2021)

    How much did I payed for this team: 9.3 Million Pokedollar

    Strategy : Individually all 6 of those mons are just strong by themselves, so you just need to pick depending on your matchup. But what makes this team special is the synergy between Heatran and Cresselia. They can cover each other's weakness in multiple ways. For example, if you use Skill Swap on Cresselia on your own Heatran, it will become immune to its weakest type which is mainly Landorus or Garchomp.

    Sylveon is a personal favorite of mine. I would always bring it if your opponent doesn't have steel or poison types as it becomes a threatening sweeper then. If your matchup is good, you can simply use Sylveon Hyper Voice spam while you protect it with Rage Powder Amoonguss. Amoonguss is your rain counter as well as a niche trick room counter because it will most likely underspeed anything so you can spore away. Thundurus is your classic support, and even though Thunder Wave isn't as good in Gen 7, it's still annoying to deal with paralysis.

    Team 2: (Stream from 14.03.2021)

    How much did I payed for this team: 4 Million Pokedollar

    Strategy : This team is supposed to have a good coverage against most DOU teams in p1, being mostly other weather teams/tailwind teams or trick room. A class lead would be Ludi and Poli as fake out is a very strong move in doubles and with rain on, ludi is very like to be the fastest fake out mon. Politoad is a support mon mostly for all other mons, e.g securing a OHKO with helping paired with Ludi or Araqua. Milotic is a great Intimidate counter, thus punishes intimidate users and helps to get in Arqaunid without fearing drops. As sleep is very useful, I would run a coil hypnosis set and play an amoong as well with spore ( Note: There is no sleep clause in DOU p1) Rage powder especially helps to redirect moves. Jellicient can counter trick room teams and tailwind teams as well with its own trick room. Wide guard on Araqua is especially helpful to counter moves like rock slide and eq, which are pretty dangerous in DOU. If possible I always suggest to run protect. GL and HF!

    This Team is created by FernandoT15

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