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    PokéOne Tournament Default Ruleset:

    1. How to call Live Support
    Each tournament has an assigned staff that you can reach directly via Discord. On the Overview page you will find the name of the assigned staff. In Discord you can then report in the tournament support channel or write directly to the staff personally.

    2. Player settings
    Every player has to enter the ingame account in his homepage account to participate in tournaments. You can enter this account only once and only change it if you contact a tournament staff and have a good reason why we should change it. This is to make sure that ingame banned players don't just enter a Smurfaccount, or multiple players play with one homepage account. Since many tournaments are counted in our season ranking to qualify for the next major tournament.

    3. Check in
    Every tournament that is open to all will have a check-in period one hour before the tournament starts. During this hour you must "notify" that you are online and participating in the tournament. The check-in button will be located in the same place as the "JOIN" button from the "check-in phase" on. If u dont Check-In you will lose your spot in the Tournament. With this system we make sure that all players who have registered are online and playing. So we don't have a lot of offline players in every tournament.

    4. Match Start
    Once the tournament has started go to Match Overview where you will see the ingame name of your opponent. Then simply open the ingame battle lobby and start the battle with the required settings. You can find them further down under the Battle Ruleset.

    5. POV Demo Recording
    Everyone is allowed to record a demo of the match. We would even prefer it if everyone does it. If someone does something against the rules, the video can be used as evidence and makes our job easier. But it is not required.

    6. After the match
    When the game is over, both players/teams must enter the result on the homepage and then confirm it. Even if you lost, please be a fair opponent (if this happens more than once, you will be banned from future tournaments). If your opponent does not enter the result please contact a tournament staff via Discord. On the overview page you can see the responsible admin for the tournament.

    7. Sanction
    Issues during a match, from the beginning to the end, must be reported right away and can not be reported after the fact as this constitutes acceptance of the issue by the opposing team. A player may be cautioned and receive a ban if he commits any of the following offences:

    -Refuses to follow Live Support Admin instructions.
    -Shows dissent by word or action towards other players.
    -Uses insulting language and/or gestures towards other players.
    -Is guilty of unsporting behaviour in a match.
    -Griefing / Trolling
    -Mislead or dupe any Support Admins
    -Participating with more than one account (instant perma ban)

    8. User/Team names
    Please fill in your User/team name accordingly. User / Team Names/Avatars should not contain any offensive or racist content. If you come across a player/team breaking this rule then please submit a ticket with relevant evidence (Screenshot/Recording) so action can be taken against the player/team in question.

    PokéOne Tournament Battle Ruleset:

    Tournament format OU Singles
    1. Endless battles are not allowed
    2. Only one pokemon put to sleep at all time
    3. Team Preview activated
    4. Species clause
    5. Moves banned: Minimize, Double Team, Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Swagger and Baton Pass
    6. Abilities banned: Shadow Tag, Arena Trap
    7. Items banned: none
    8. Pokemons banned: Aegislash, Landorus-Incarnate, Shaymin-Sky, Toxapex, Kommo-O

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