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    Hey! I'm a relatively new player, and as you can tell from the name, I love Oddishes! However, they only appear in the early routes in evening and night, and as it is currently morning, I am just waiting... and I want to know how long I have to wait.
    So the specific questions I have is first, I see each minute is about 13 seconds. Is there a more exact real time to game time transition? I think this means that every hour is 13 minutes, right? My math is bad here, I think.
    Also, when does morning become afternoon and then evening? I see morning is 7am, but I haven't seen the rest.
    Additionally, while I'm asking, does the time have any other effects than pokemon? Like, I dunno, differing items or something?
    And does the in game season matter? I also see its sometimes raining (never snowing even though it's winter?) But it doesn't rain in battle. So does the weather do anything?
    Thank you for reading and hopefully helping with my questions ^^

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    12 min is one ingame hour and we have different seasons here a pic with the season system

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