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    Board Rules

    §1 Overall Rules:

    All the following rules apply to the PokéOne Community on this Board server. By joining the Forum you need to accept and follow these rules. Breaking the rules will lead to penalties that have to be decided by the PokéOne Community staff, which might lead to a kick or ban. If you see a community-member breaking the rules, please contact said staff. Those would be either Community Coordinators or Board Moderators. The staff team is allowed to make exceptions from the rules if it’s in the Community favour, but those will be decided individually for every case. The staff is allowed to adapt their moderation according to the situation and decisions will be discussed internally. If you being wronged by a decision, contact a staff member via private message, but do not talk about penalties in chat/voice chat. If you deceive a staff member, you will receive penalties as well.

    There are no age requirements for joining the server, so please be mindful of your language as children are part of the community as well.


    §2 Behaviour:

    1) We expect you to follow the PokeOne general terms and conditions as well as the forum rules given by PokeOne staff. Using forbidden exploits or hacks will lead to exclusion from the community, same will be the case if you are found to sell ingame property for real money. Advertising such behaviour will lead to expulsion from the server as well. In general toxic behaviour and creating drama are not tolerated in the board, the general rule is to respect each other.

    2) Spamming text, images or emoji is prohibited.

    3) Do not abuse caps too much, as this easily annoys people in chat.

    §3 Racism/ Sexism/ other offensive or sensible topics:

    Self-explaining is that we don’t support racist/sexist behaviour, nicknames, photos, the same concerning other offensive topics and we will exclude people doing it on the server.

    Violence, sexual topics, fascism and politics are topics that shouldn’t be talked about in chat nor in voice chat. If you have an offensive profile pic, your will be asked to change it, if you can’t follow the request you will get kicked from the server.

    At the same time, everybody has the right to follow his religious faith. So please don’t judge people for what they believe in, as it is a human right to have. Same is the case for ones origins.

    While sexuality is totally normal, we would prefer to not talk about it in chat/voice chat. Everybody is equal, and that is all that matters. Don’t use it as means to insult people, as this would attack their dignity. Nor use it as a way to create hate or drama.

    Part of having respect means that the human dignity can’t be touched, so don’t judge the disabilities, errors and tragedies a person made and suffered from.


    §4 Solving Problems:

    From time to time everyone might get into conflicts and our aim is to solve those in a respectful way. We are all human and make mistakes, but in the end it’s just a game. Make sure to stay objective, don’t create drama in chats and keep it to private messages. If you can’t solve a problem by yourself, ask the PokéOne Community team for help. It is in our favour to solve those peacefully but if not possible we force a decision to solve it. This decision has to be accepted without any complaint. 222

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