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    - fixed a rare bug that allowed receiving pvp rewards twice

    - fixed a battle freeze bug with rotation battles

    - new skins & mounts (currently shop only, not in boxes)

    - coded burmy & warmadam forms to work as expected. (2d sprites show always grass at the moment, will be fixed later)

    - Freeze clause disabled in doubles ladder.

    - Snorlax banned in doubles ladder ONLY (decision: )

    - Fixed a bug that allowed certain illegal HA pokes to be used in ranked matches. (eg. unaware clefable with softboiled)

    - Sometimes you got stuck if a party member went into battle, just as you were exiting one or something I think, anyhow this should be fixed.

    - You can now search names of moves in the inventory to find HM/TMs

    - A bunch of new clothing items & mounts

    - There will be a message if you are not level 70 and try to reset IVs on a Pokemon that isn't your OT now, instead of saying "You can not afford to Reroll IVs".

    - various game client performance increases.

    - Fixed memory leak
    - Various backend stuff, for future content.

    - Some other stuff we can't remember

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