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FAQ PokeOne

• I can´t run the game? Read the SUPPORT channels. Upgrade video drives/disable antivirus/ whitelist your firewall. From Live-support from players enter #community-support in the Discord server.

• How to download the game? in PokéOne Discord under important/ #download-game or RP-Homepage

• Will there be a wipe? Not likely, only if there are major issues.

• How to use mount: Press the coin on the top right side -> select mount -> press shift to use.

• How to get to the ingame commands: Press /help in the Pokeone chat

• On what gen is P1 based? Game uses gen 7 mechanics and the moveset of Sun and Moon.

• How to fly: Hold Right mouse button to rotate. Press space to gain height.

• Controller/gamepad: you need to run PokeOne through Steam. Also, you may wish to look at the pin message on #support-client for an easier method. There you can download JoyToKey.

• "Download Aborted" or "can't connect to server":
Make sure to have enough free space on your harddrive. Then whitelist the exe on your firewall and antivirus. Restart your pc and run the exe as an administrator (can be done by right clicking the exe, then selecting "run as admin"). If none of these work, try to install the 32bit version instead of the 64bit version. The fully downloaded game might fix the issue.

• Issues with Registration:

(made by the P2 Team)

• Meaning of Colors: Colors are based on how good total IVS are:

Colors and corresponding Ivs ∨∧

• Which legendaries can be caught? Legies with 600 base stats or more will not be capturable and will only be encountered as a bossfight. At the moment, the legendary birds and dogs can be captured.

• How to raise happiness? Happiness: 1. Friend ball. 2. Level up. 3. EV-reducing berries. 4. Vitamins. 5. Haircut in goldenrod. 6. Soothe Bell. Also read Mayday Guide

• Requirements for Headbutting Trees:

• What happiness is needed for Headbutt? Happiness 150+ Kanto and Johto Headbutt-Guide

• What Happiness is needed to evolve Eevee/Pokemon related evos? Happiness 220+, sometimes max.

• How do Evs work: check Nature, Iv, Ev Guide

• What does Synchronize (Sync) do?

Sync is an ability which gives a 52% probability of a wild encounter having the same nature as the sync pokemon. Sync has to be put in first place, but also works when fainted.
Synchronize works with non-static encounters, meaning it doesn't work with Snorlax, Sudoowoo, the legendary pokemon, gifts, headbutt or rock smash. Sync works with fishing and it works with wild encounters.
the ones I listed earlier are the ones where sync has no impact

• Features? XP share/day care/breeding/Lucky egg WON'T be in the game.

• Items/locations of pokemons: Guide pinned in general. Unofficial Guide Search with ctrl + f

• On what gen is P1 based? Game uses gen 7 mechanics and the moveset of Sun and Moon.

• TMs? Search for Tms in unog, if not there, most Tms are drops from bosses/boxes: Unofficial Guide
• Bug catcher Event: On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The prize for first place- Sun stone

• XP after Evolution: Exp doesn’t change. Movesets of pokemons can ! Check before evolving.

• Which eeveelutions exist? Leafons and glaceon will be added in the future. The others are already included.

• How does the Party System work?/Xp/EV/Trace: You get the same exp in party. But double or triple Evs depending how many in party. Trace works in party. But its to a random pokemon. Not the one facing you.

• How many steps can you take in Safari Zone? 1k steps in Kanto, 2k steps in Johto

• If I faint in battle, what do I lose? You only lose some happiness on pokemons, no loss in pokedollars.

• What will be the next region? Unova will be next, with time more regions will be added.

• How to level trainer after Story: Do daily bosses + bounties so far

• How to learn Headbutt: Headbutt teacher in Ilex forest, certain pokemons with eggmoves.

• Dragons den Mission: 1. Kill 1 Karpador 2. Fight twins 3. find dragon fang on the right side in a pokeball

• Shiny rate: 1/4096, 20% increase with shiny buff to 1/3277 as odds, this does not guarantee to receive one after 4096 or 3277 encounters, it’s still probability!

• I fainted to a capturable legendary: go back, it will still be there to be caught.

• How IV Rerolls work:

You will roll out your IV stats anew, which gives you random numbers from 1-31. The stats you are happy with can be locked, so that they won't get lost with the next reroll. But that will cost 100 gold more per locked stat.
A reroll without locked stats will cost 10k pokedollar.
As an example a reroll with 3 locked stats will cost: 10k pokedollar + 300 gold coins

Where to find rare Pokemon?

  • Lapras is a weekly event in johto´s union cave on fridays. There is a NPC (Serena) that gives a quest for the Lapras the first time, right in front of the Lapras location. The cave connects routes 32 and 33.

The road to Lapras :
Here Nami´s Youtube Channel

  • Where to evolve Magnezone? Level it in the power plant.
  • Where to get a free Steelix? Talk to the old man in olivine gym to get it.
  • How to get Eevee?

You will get an Eevee in Celadon city on the backside of a building (the one where you get tea from a lady).
You get one in Goldenrod city in Bills house, after having spoken to him in Ecruteak city in the pokemon center.

  • Where to find Gible? In the Johto Safari Wetland Zone
  • Shinx routes for Headbutting: Routes where you can Headbutt Shinx: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 25, 36, 39, 46, 48
  • Places to get Absol from via rock smashing: Mt Silver, Cerulean Cave, Rock tunnel, Victory road. Tohjo falls, Cliff cave

Coin Case: Note that the Coin Case for Kanto and Johto work seperately
Kanto: The coin case is located in Celadon City, in a restaurant on the right side to the Casino. Speak to the man in the far back corner on the left and he will hand over the Coin Case.

Johto: Can be found in the underground in Goldenrod City.
Location of Dusk Stone: You can get the dusk stone in the Cerulean cave B1F.

How to find HM Fly?

You will find a tree west to Celadon city, close to the area where the snorlax was. Cut it, then follow the path until you reach a house. Go inside, talk the lady and she will give you Fly.
After beating the gym leader Chuck in Cianwood, you talk to the lady outside the gym. She will give you Fly.

How to get HM Surf/HM Rock Smash?
Kanto: Hm surf ist found on the west upper left side of the safari zone. If you surf downwards from where you get HM Surf , and then go to right you find a pokeball with gold teeth. You have to bring these to an old man in Fuchsia city, who will give you HM rock smash.

Where to get the bike:

Kanto: Go to vermillion city (gym 3 city), talk to the man in pokefanclub. He gives you a voucher, which you need to bring to the bikeshop in cerulean city, where you get a free bike.

Johto: Visit the bike shop in Goldenrod city. You will get a bike for free.

Where to revive Fossils: You can revive them in a lab on cinnabar Islands.
Where to sell Nuggets etc: Can be sold for 1k in a violet tent in Goldenrod City (Johto) or Lavender Town and Vermillion Pokemon Fanclub.

(from Maydayguide)

• How to get old rod?
Kanto: You need to talk to the people in the fishermen-house in Vermillion city, they tell you about an old saying. Look through the bookshelves to find the sayings. Then go to old man Ernest on the outside, who gives you the old rod.

(from Maydayguide)

Johto: Enter the pokemon center at route 32, a man will give you an old rod.

• Where to get metal coat: It is a rare bossdrop from Ash.
How to get Mushrooms: Faint Paras/ects. No need to capture them or use thief or moves like that.
Where to find heart scales? From rock smashing. Every rock works.
Where to find light ball? It is a rare bossdrop from Ash.
Where to get Choice Specs? From Lake of rage (during flood on wednesdays) North-east corner.

How to get Leftovers: You get one on route 12 on the left side of the fishermen house in a rock.

Where to get dragon scales? From Mt mortar or as rare drops from some bosses. For rare drops, see Boss-Guide
Where to get magmariser: On cinnabar islands on top of the volcano.
Where to find HM Whirlpool?
Johto: You get whirlpool during the story after completing the rocket base in Mahogany Town.

Where to find HM Cut?

Kanto: After you beat team rocket on the SS Anne, you will receive HM cut from the captain.
Johto: After finishing the quest at Ilex forest where you need to capture two Farfetchd, you will be given HM cut.

Where to get good rod:
Kanto: In Fuchsia city in the house with the house with the pink roof next to the lake in the City.
Johto: Get it from a fisherman in his house in Olivine City

Where to get super rod: At route 12 in the house with the green roof towards the south

How to get berries: From lootboxes, in Violet town: give shards to the fire spitter, you can select 3 berries of your choice.
Where to find HM strength: There is no HM strenght in P1, push spacebar to move Stones.
Where to find evolution stones (fire, water, thunder, gras): can be bought in celadon/goldenrod City in the mall.
Thunderstone can be obtained from Powerplant, Waterstone from Seafoam Islands
How to get sun Stone: You get it as the 1st place price from the bug catching contest in Johto Nationalpark.
How to get everstone: You get it as the 2nd place price from the bug catching contest in Johto Nationalpark.
Where to get king stone: It is located in slowpoke well(North-west of route 33) B2F
Where to find Soothe Bell: Soothe Bell can be found in the bottom right corner of the Johto National Park

(from Maydayguide)

Where to find Dawn Stone:
Where to find Shiny Stone:

• Daily distribution Items:

(from Bulbapedia)

• Reaper Cloth:
You can get it as an overworld item south of Mt. Silver, south of the Pokemon Center.

Where to find certain NPCs?

Johto: The NPC is located in Blackthorn city in the house west of the poke market.

Kanto: The NPC is located in Fuchsia city next to pokemon center.

  • Egg Move: Cianwood city/Cinnabar Island, requires small/big mushrooms. Mr. Egg on Cinnabar islands is located on the left side of the beach/island Here Move Tutor Guide
  • Move Reminder: Saffron/Blackthorn city, requires heartscales, pokegold and pokedollars.
  • How to get Items back from Pokemon? In Celadon city is a elderly lady (Mr.s Moon). She gives you the item back, that is held by your pokemon. For 1k. In goldenrod city is Mr. Moon, equivalent of Mrs. Moon.
    (from Maydayguide)
  • Character Restyler: Can be found in Celadon and Goldenrod Departement Store on the groundfloor. A restyle will cost 500 goldcoins.

How to get to a certain location?

Table of Content

• Where to find tea for the officer: In Celadon city from a lady inside the building, where you get Eevee on the backside.

• Where to find the kimono girls: Talk to Miki the kimono lady in the dance theater, she will tell you where the remaining girls are. She is located in ecruteak city.

• Silph Co Guide:

(made by Lucurryo)

• Pokemon Mansion Guide:

(made by Lucurryo)

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