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Autumn Giveaway

PokeOne Community organizes a giveaway again. Autumn has struck here in Europe and we have many rainy days ahead of us. But we want to make the days more beautiful with some presents.


Mobile Client for Smartphones and Tablets

PokeOne is now available as a beta client for your smartphone and/or tablet. Here you can find out how to get the app to your device, what you need for it and what you need to know so far as well as the link to our analysis video of the app


This weekend a 32 slot Turnament #Little Tourney 3

This Saturday, PokéOne Community is again hosting a PvP tournament, with a prize pool of 5 million Pokédollar and Reroll tokens. Everybody who is interested to participate or to watch the live on our stream is cordially invited.


P1 Community Summer Giveaway

Hello dear Community, we want to thank all the numerous visitors. Therefore we have put together a summer giveaway for all of you. Among them also a Bold Mew. Good luck to all participants. For more informations click readmore.


Patch Notes 16.08.19

The developers of PokéOne have uploaded an update on Friday 16.08.19. Some PvP bugs have been fixed. Also, a Pokémon has been banned in the 2vs2 ladder. In this news you can read everything about the new update.


PokéOne Community PvP Tournament

Hey, for all those interested in PvP PokéOne Community will hold another small PvP event on Saturday at 11 pm there will be room for 16 participants. The total prize pool for the winners is 6,800,000 million pokedollars and reroll tokens!


Link: Twitch Stream: - P1 Event Discord

PokéOne Community Hunting Event

Hello PokéOne players, our next event as promised would be PvE Event. Due to the minimal of stuffs we can do for in-game as for now, we can only manage to do hunting event as a lot of players do enjoy it and had a good amount of votes and feedback.


Link: PokéOne Community Event Discord - PokéOne Community Youtube - PokéOne Community Twitch

Staff Major Tournament

The first big PokéOne Major PvP-Event goes in the Final Round with a stunning Pricepool of around 15 Million Pokédollar. It's finally time for our 8 participants to show, who's the better PvPer. We can't wait so see some intense Battle. If you want to know more, Click here.