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Johto safari opens its gate

Pokeone developers making the next step and add the Johto safari zone to the game. All tester were allowed to take a first look, therefore we want you to have one aswell.


Rising Phoenix project and future video

It became a bit quite around PokéOne during the last weeks. But we are still here, as seen by our homepage. We are currently working on several projects at the same time. Our first video in english will be uploaded this week.


Short update to today's client update

There has been a small client update today. Many little bug fixes, not worth to be mentioned, like graphic errors. Additionally two updates to already existing features in PokéOne got released.


Little Update to Pokéone, 4 new Testing Interviews

Today we have a little more information to PokeOne since there was a new update. We interviewed 4 more tester to give us their view on PokeOne and a old/new video.


Link: HamHam Interview - Sylveon Interview - Runascarlet Interview - Syrup Interview

Update: the last changes in PokéOne

In today's news we want to give you an update on recent changes during P1's betatesting and give you a new view on current development stage. P1 will be released with Generation 7 aswell as with the moves from Sun and Moon. Mega Evolution also will be included.


What happened the last days

Heya Peeps! We're proud to present you the "new" Rising Phoenix website. As you might have noticed, there are some changes!


Two interviews with tester Phime and Chappy

Today we got two interviews from Phime and Chappy. Both took their time and answered some questions about PokéOne. Enjoy Reading.


Link: Testing Phime - Testing Chappy

Our Pokemon of the Week #2 Gastrodon

Gastrodon is a sea slug-like Pokémon, and appears much the same as its pre-evolution, but it gains four more stubby legs and is noticeably larger. They both have plain black eyes with white irises, with a third eye in the center of their forehead. Like Shellos, Gastrodon has two forms.