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PokéOne Community News

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Weekly OU Tournament

This week PokeOne saw many trainers battle it out for prizes and bragging rights, however it was Bingjiaokong who is our champion this week.


Weekly OverUsed Tournament

Again this week there was an OverUsed Tournament with room for 32 participants. It was about a prize pool of about 500 Reroll Tokens that the participants could fight for.


Halloween Art Contest

The Halloween Art Contest has been evaluated. There were a lot of very good entries that amazed us again and again how much artistic talent there is in the community. There were 2 different types of art that could be submitted digitally and handmade. Everything else you can find in this news.


PokéOne Halloween Event released

The Halloween event was released today. We can now go to the Halloween Map. A huge event that will include 4 big mainstories, with many hours of content. New Pokémon that can only be caught in this event can all be found here in the News!


Email server back online

The email server is back, from now on you will get the verification code sent to your email. Of course, the password recovery works again.


PokeOne E-mail server down

Currently there is a problem that the PokeOne Mail Server is not available. If you have created an account ingame, please report to Discord.


Easter Event is open!!!!

This year's Easter event is open, from now on you can go hunting for eggs. There are many daily quests in which you get rare and legendary Pokémon. Have fun and Happy Easter!!!


Winter Hunting Event - 50 Millions Prizepool

PokéOne Community hosted a Hunt Event on 26.12.21 with a huge prize pool of 50 million Pokédollars to be won. The first 50 places will be rewarded with a prize. In addition, the first place will receive an exclusive flight mount that no one on the server owns yet.