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PATCH NOTES 2nd of June 2020

The development team around PokeOne have uploaded a new update on June 02, 2020. There are some changes to keybindings and some small corrections and new features. In this news you can read everything about the new update.

The default control for flying has been changed and is no longer W, A, S, D. The keys for this are now:

From now on you can costumize them, as well as the other keybindings, completely individual. Go to the tab "Controls" under options.

The other, smaller adjustments can be found in the patch notes.

Patch Notes ∨∧

  • Added Joined date to Trainer Cards.
  • Added a second confirm popup for releasing pokemon.
  • Added some new clothes & mounts. (After next server restart)
  • Added the missing generation 7 Pokemon cries.
  • Replaced all Pokemon icons with higher quality ones, as well as shiny variants.
  • A new icon for the game was created due to complaints about not being able to see the old one on black backgrounds.
  • The Pokemon Icons in team preview in battle now show the correct form, shiny, etc.
  • You can now fly and look around at the same time again with the left mouse button.
  • Unable to switch Pokemon with controller after fainting has been fixed.
  • Achievements not showing up has been fixed.
  • Fixed some pokemon graphic glitches.
  • Fixed the Pokedollar icon being behind the Pokemon icons in battle with team preview.
  • Pokemon not showing up on the map the first time you click location is fixed.
  • Fixed various other bugs

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