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Pokeone Update Halloween, Pvp and even more!!

Today, PokéOne has given us another update. Most of it goes to the Halloween event that starts on October 1st. But there were a lot of other things that were new and improved like update on PVP features, new clothes, new mounts and more. You can find out what has been added here in the news.

Since we have such a huge update today we will divide the update into General, Pve, PvP and Server/Client Updates.

General Changes:
There have been some minor bugs with attacks and abilities that have been fixed in this update, such as a poison attack from a type of Poison Pokémon cannot miss. The Illusion ability now works correctly. Fixed the bug that you lose by Volt Switch/ U-Turn Happiness. A lot of Shiny Sprites have been adjusted and should now have the correct colours, as well as the Keldeo Sprite.

Player versus Environment (PvE):
Clothes & Mounts
We have received new clothes and mounts that allow us to customize our avatars.

All new dresses and Mounts ∨∧

Battle Backgrounds
Rusty has created many new battle backgrounds that come into the game in this update. This may take a few more weeks as the backgrounds have to be entered manually. We now have different floors, cave with water, cave with torches, tournament zone and more.

(One New Battle Background from Halloween Event)

Pokémon Generation and Version
Furthermore, the compatibility with the 7 generation has been improved (catch rates, XP, Happiness...) and adapted again. All the Pokémon and shapes from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been added to the game.

Auction House
The auction house is being worked on at full speed, but it is not in a state of readiness for presentation. We tried to get more information about the auction house right after we saw the information about the auction house in the patchnotes, but Shane wants to finish the development before he gives out any information.

Player vs Player (PVP):
In Pvp there were some small changes but they are very helpful "Entry Hazards" are finally shown with a small battle picture. The lap timer has been reworked and improved so it should be harder to time stall. And the PvP overlay has been reworked again and the error in the graph display should be fixed.

(Example for Entry Hazards)

Many small bugs were fixed which disturbed the game flow, e.g. the Pokemon Info picture could not be closed and the same with the Trade window. New 3D models for future content. A bug where the battle got stuck when you had Choice Item in rotation mode. Some hit animations of Pokémon like Mew, Meloetta, Entei, Articuno, and Moltres have been reworked and should now work correctly. Lootboxes now open twice as fast. But the most important new feature in this area is, in our opinion, that all the items you get are now displayed again in the chat, so you can't miss anything!

There have been other changes made overnight that have had a major impact on the game and made the process of hunting rare Pokemon a lot easier! From now on Pokemon can be hunted from Headbutt Trees, White Forest Trees and Altering Cave with Synchronize ability. Then good hunting!

Patchnotes ∨∧

This update is required for the Halloween event which will be coming soon, and mostly contains updates and data for that. However, below is some of the other non halloween changes i manage to remember.
- Updates to the game to bring it in line with US/UM instead of S/M are being worked on, this includes the few extra pokemon being added & Lycanrocs Dusk form.
- Fixed more Pokemon animations & 3d models for future content.
- Fixed a bunch of shiny follow sprites from floating
- Added resolute form follow sprite for Keldeo
- Added new battle backgrounds, they still need to applied to maps & various npcs though after next server update.
- Fixed a bug with Toxic when used from a poison type pokemon missing agaisnt a pokemon that is semi invulnerable, eg. flying, digging, diving, bouncing etc.
- Fixed moves like u-turn/voltswitch and other moves that switch a pokemon out from reducing happiness when used.
- Fixed a bug with switching back into a pokemon with a choice item in rotation battle and choosing a move that should of been disabled causing the battle to freeze.
- Fixed a bug where trade window would not be clickable and stuck in the middle of other windows.
- Fix a bug where Illusion ability would not be the correct form of the pokemon it turns into.
- Fixed a bug with Illusion ability making the pokemon invisible in a party battle if its a 1v2/1v3 etc.
- Fixed issue with Pokemon in the Pokemon info windows not fading out with the window.
- Phenonemons in water now have bubbles on them too to make them a little more visible, and no longer sometimes appear under the water making it hard to see.
- Fixed catch rates, exp rates, base happiness, and exp yield for gen 7 pokemon.
- Slow getting hit animations on Mew, Meloetta, Entei, Articuno, and Moltres have been corrected and are now fast.
- Fixed a bug where setting NPC positions via script did not update their Y axis position. (This was the reason for the balloon in battle frontier being invisible in certain spots)
- Entry Hazards have icons in battle to represent them being on the field.
- lootbox opening speed has increased by double.
- It is now easier to right click people standing inbetween other people now.
- PvP Graph not updating when you toggled things is fixed
- There is now an inventory channel in the Chat Manager, which you can toggle on and off. This will allow you to see items & money gained in your chat, incase you missed the popup.
- Various other bugs have been fixed in both the game and battle system. (hopefuly no new ones from fixing them, we shall see )
- PvP timer has been adjusted and should not accumulate forever like it was to prevent extremely long stalls.
- Auction House is in development (not finished yet however.. soon! Hang in there <3)
- New clothes were added.
- A couple new ground mounts added too.
- New fly mounts were added, which you get via Halloween event (so you cant see them straight away yet).
- Some minor changes to the UI
- Synchronize Ability will now work on Pokemon in Altering Cave.
- Synchronize Ability will now work on Pokemon on the White Forest Trees.
- Synchronize Ability will now work on Pokemon in Headbutt Trees.

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