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Halloween Event is Released!

The Halloween event was released today. We can now go to the Halloween Map. A huge event that will include 4 big mainstories, with many hours of content. New Pokémon that can only be caught in this event can all be found here in the News!

A masterpiece that Rusty has created. Aliens, ghosts, zombies, military, werewolves and vampires - all this can be found in the stories. So many different elements woven together in good stories. And of course there are new Pokemon hidden that you can hunt.


All 3 cool and strong Pokemon to win our battles for us! Rockruff has 3 forms in which it can evolve. The Dusk form is only dropped by one Halloween Boss and the other 2 can be evolved by ourselves. But like Black & White you can only evolve one of the two forms by yourself. Each account has been assigned with one of the two forms.

You can reach the Halloween Event from Unova, the requirements are access to Unova and at least the 3. badge in Castelia City from there at the harbour you can start the Helloween Quest.

Here are the flightmounts you get in the event for finishing the story

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