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PokéOne Halloween Art Contest

Today Mikan is beginning a new contest for all players that are interested. To enter this contest you must draw or paint a halloween scene that is based on the PokeOne halloween event itself.

This can be of any scene inside the PokeOne halloween island and also can include additions that you can think of but still fits a pokemon theme ( pokemon themselves, trainers, werewolves, ect ), as long as this photo or painting fits the theme of PokeOne Halloween Island it will be accepted into the contest.

1. Must fit the PokeOne Halloween Island theme
2. Only one entry per person but I will accept another version only if it is the same as the original but maybe more has been added or you feel it was incomplete when sent (please keep in mind that this must be done not too late in the month)
3. No obsene / adult / racist / homophobic or out of theme drawings or paintings will be accepted, if something like this is sent to me (Mikan) you will automatically forfeit your chance to enter again, sorry
4. Entries must be sent to me in discord by the 25th of October


1st Place: 1,000,000 pokedollar +
Mimikyu Ada or Jolly +
Rockruff Ada or Jolly

2nd Place: 500,000 Pokedollar +
Mimikyu Ada or Jolly +
Rockruff Ada or Jolly

3rd Place: (will be added soon) +
Mimikyu Ada or Jolly +
Rockruff Ada or Jolly

I (Mikan) will be choosing the best three drawings or paintings for the prizes above but by the end of month if all goes well but seven other "honorable mention" will receive also a Mimikyu as well and the 1st place winner will have their drawing or painting featured in the PokeOne Community website.

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  • 2020-12-30
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    remember, please send me (Mikan) your entry in the PokeOne discord 

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