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Halloween Art Contest Winner

All Halloween art contests were submitted and the jury (Mikan and her sister) evaluated all pictures and the winners were selected!

There were many very beautiful and with much verve and diligence worked out pictures which were submitted. The evaluation was not easy for the jury and in the end it was a close result - unfortunately only one can win.

The winner of the Halloween art competition is AnkokuFlare and the prize money of 2.5 million poked dollars belongs to him/her. With a very nice self painted picture that reminds of the cave entrance at Dog Bite Bay. Very detailed with many Pokemon like Sandslash, Sandygast, Gastly and some more this is a well-deserved winner.

The Winner Picture:

The 2nd place went to Ellie ❤ and she could claim 2 million poked dollars for herself! A very dark and gloomy background image that embodies the dark side of Halloween very well. With a haunter as the shadowy but very detailed over the background and the illusion of a ghost is perfectly represented. A very well deserved second place.

The 3rd place goes to two winners who could both win 1.5 million poked dollars. Congratulations to Fivedoor and Venlycrest. Both have taken up the topic very well and implemented it whereby Fivedoor points more to the playful and fun side of Halloween whereby with Venlycrest a werewolf looks for its nuisance. Very nice third places.

There were many more entries in which much love and work was put. Of course we do not want to withhold these works of art from you.

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  • 2020-12-30
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    <p>very amazing entries everyone thank you very much for participating and congratulations!&nbsp; we can not wait to host another art contest</p>

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