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Halloween Event extended and Christmas event leaks

The Halloween event has been extended until Sunday 8.11.2020 Australian Time. For all of you who haven't played the event yet, you have got a little extra time. For everyone else, grab your Pokeballs and Sync Pokemon again and fill your boxes with rare Event Pokemon which you can sell for a lot of money later. We also have some winter event leaks.

This year's Halloween event was a great example of love in detail. Four great stories we could play, with over 10 hours of story including werewolves, vampires, zombies, aliens and hell all mixed together in one event very harmoniously. Many Event Exclusive Pokemon that were only available at this time. I think we can all agree that we had a lot of fun this year and this event entertained us all very well!

Also from the point of view of PokéOne Community it was a great time with 2 huge hunting competitions. On Twitch, over 8000 people watched us at both events and countless people took part. It was a lot of fun and we hope to see you next year when we will do it again!

Here is our Halloween Event Video from 31.10.2020

Winter Event Information
And now we even get a little bit of insight into the upcoming winter event. For this we have some screenshots from Rusty. Have fun looking at them and guessing what to expect this Christmas.

We are curious as to what to expect in the winter event! But it already looks great and we wonder what Rusty will conjure up. We still have a little time until winter.

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