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Winter Event 2020 is released

Today on 1.12.2020 the Winter Event was opened. There is a lot to discover. A gigantic story that lasts 6-7 hours without guides or previous knowledge. From Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside you get to the Event Map.

A beautifully playful story awaits you with many puzzles and rhymes. A map that puts the Halloween event in the shade again. The story is completely rewritten and Rusty has outdone himself again. We wish you a lot of fun while exploring. Our guides are already ready and will be published as soon as we get the go from the developers.

What's the fastest way to get to the Winter Event Map and play the story? You must have completed one of the main stories Kanto or Johto. Then you can reach Mt. Silver from the Pokémon Center, or via Route 28. Then just follow the candy canes to the Winter Event entrance on the map Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside.

This year there are exclusive Pokémon to catch as always. These new Pokémon: Scatterbug, Klefki, Stufful, Hawlucha, Wimpod and Togedemaru are available on the Winter Event Map.

And of course we have prepared all the guides for you to use again this year. To get through quickly or just in case you get stuck. Of course you can also find a Spawn Guide there with all the Pokémon locations. Click here to open the Guides tab.

Mikan is organising an art competition again, in which you can all take part. You'll be required to create an image that reflects the PokéOne Event map, not just the Pokémon. For questions or if you want to send in a picture please contact Mikan on the Official Pokeone Discord. Click here for an invitation.

Here the Rules ∨∧

1. All entries must be appropriate for all ages
2. All entries must be in theme *see below
3. All entries must be entered no later then the 24th of December
4. All entries must be original, tracing and using images found online is not allowed and may result in your loss of entry
5. All entries must be sent to me ( Mikan ) and include your ingame name ( this does not need to be on the entry itself, only shared as a message along with it )
6. Entries from alternative accounts is also not allowed, when caught this will lead to disqualification
7. Entries are allowed to be coloured using a digital program if you feel that colour is needed and you are not comfortable with your colouring capabilities, but please do not over-edit or do everything in any type of program. *see next rule for exception
8. If you would like to begin with a rough draft that is hand drawn then we will allow you to recreate this in a a digital program but you must also send me ( Mikan ) both drafts of this entry
(rough draft and final draft)
9. If you do not have access to the event map in Mt Silver and would like to participate in the art contest you are welcome to ask a friend to take screenshots of various locations inside the event for you so you have an idea of what is there.


1st place: 2,000,000 + 100 reroll tokens + ??*
2nd place: 1,500,000 + 60 reroll tokens + ??*
3rd place: 1,000,000 + 40 reroll tokens + ??*

We wish you all lots of fun and good luck, Merry Christmas!

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