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Server back online / late Easter event

From now on you can play PokeOne again the servers are back online. In addition, the server has also opened the Easter event that was planned in the down time of the server. The devs did not stand still and have also added some changes and new Daily Quest in the game.

The servers are back online but unfortunately not with the same capacity as before, more servers will be added later. So please do not be surprised if there are many users online it could lag a little bit.

With the server start also the planned Easter event has been opened which was actually planned during the down time. With a nice mainstory and many daily quests you can go with your friends on egg hunt. For this we have already published some guides, just look under PokeOne Guides. The event starts in Azalea Town right next to the Pokecenter.

In addition, you can now fight the Kanto and Johto League daily. You have to do a small pre quest, which start in the Indigo Platau. As well as a new Gym leader challenge, for this you simply have to find all Gymleader on different days in Johto and you unlock then for the daily battle in Saffron Fight Dojo.

Here again Shane's Announcement
Hello, the past few weeks have been very busy for the devs, juggling IRL work and dealing with hosts & new hosts, so things have taken a bit of time.

However, we have the game now up with minimal servers right now. More then likely they will not be able to handle many people at the moment. and we may have to limit the amount of people playing at once.
There is a number of reasons for this, but if all goes well. We will have more servers to scale it up back to normal/or better shortly.

Due to all the down time a NPC to give all user accounts (from before we moved host) Shiny, Hidden Ability, and Rare buffs has been added to New Bark Town, and Pallet Town. They are called "Buff McBuffinton" and "Buff McBuffalot". You can obtain these buffs from them once and they will be automatically applied to your account.

- As far as i know, the Kanto & Johto Elite 4 is rebattlable now and you can get the prequests for those in Indigo Plateau from Silver, or Looker provided you have finished Johto/Kanto.
- Johto Bounties had their EXP slightly increased to make choosing Johto more fair.
- There was meant to be an easter event at easter, but due to the down time this was not possible. You can find it talking to Lucy in Azalea Town. If there is bugs with the easter please let Mr. Script know.
- Johto Gym Leaders can be found around Johto at certain times of day and days of the week, if you find them you can rebattle them in the Saffron Dojo. (Provided you have finished Johto)

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