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Winter Event 2021 is released

Today on 26.11.2021 the Winter Event was opened. There is a lot to discover. A gigantic story that lasts 6-7 hours without guides or previous knowledge. From Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside you get to the Event Map.

A beautifully playful story awaits you with lots of riddles and rhymes. A map that puts the Halloween event in the shade. We wish you lots of fun exploring. Our guides are already ready and will be linked at the end of the article.

What is the best way to get to the Winter Event Map and play the story?
You must have completed one of the main stories in Kanto or Johto. Then, from Pokémon Center Mt. Silver, simply follow the candy canes into Mt. Silver until you reach the entrance to the Winter Event on the Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside map.

This year there are exclusive Pokémon to catch again. Klefki, Hawlucha, Wimpod or the Alola forms of Vulpix and Alolan forms of Vulpix or Sandshrew and a lot of other Pokémon are spread across the Winter Event Map.

With the winter event, 3 new flight mounts were added that you can earn. These can be found on bosses or randomly on the winter map.

Of course, we have prepared all the guides for you again this year that you are welcome to use. To get through quickly or just in case you get stuck. Of course, you can also find a spawn guide with all the locations of the Pokémons.
Click here to open the Guides tab

We wish you all lots of fun and good luck, Merry Christmas!

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