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Email server back online

The email server is back, from now on you will get the verification code sent to your email. Of course, the password recovery works again.

If you still have problems with your verification code or with reseting your password then you have to log into the PokéOne Discord and post your Nickname in #account-verification-issue.

Why I didnt receive a verification code?
There is no Homepage behind the domain from which the verification e-mails are sent. This is why some services block the e-mail completely because they consider PokéOne to be spam or insecure.

What can I do to get a verification code?
If you have not yet created your account, use a Gmail e-mail. PokéOne has never had any problems with this service. If you haven't received your verification code within 5-10 minutes after account creation, your email service is probably blocking the PokéOne email.
If your email service is blocking email, your only option is to join the PokéOne Discord and post your account name in the #account-verification-issue channel and wait for a GM or Developer to verify your account - this usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes.

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