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PokeOne Monthly Newsletter

During November, PokeOne has seen 3 OU Tournaments, The 2022 Halloween event, new Pokemon and other upcoming features such as a new "Shiny hunter of the month" competition. Read more about it in this months newsletter:

Game updates:

New Pokemon added to the game:
With the 2022 Halloween event coming and going, we saw some new pokemon being added to the PokeOne. Fomantis, Oranguru and Cutiefly was made obtainable, and Mareanie was reintroduced as a huntable pokemon.

Earlier this month Siver gave us an insight on how mapping for Sinnoh works during a livestream

“You can expect more mapping streams in the coming weeks” - Siver

PokeOne Community updates:

Shiny Hunter of the Month:
Starting in December, PokeOne Community will be hosting a monthly competition for the best shinies caught in PokeOne. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes every month consisting of Reroll tokens, Buffs and PokeGold. Enter your best shinies into with a December “caught date” to try and win prizes!

Disclaimer: Winners will always be subjective, and we decide as fairly as possible.

Submit your entries Pokemon to the PokéOne Discord in the shiny-hunter-of-the-month channel. Click here for a direct link

Updated Guides:

The following guides have been updated in the past month:

All Eggs in Pokeone

- Edited Flame Body/Magma Armor Info
- Added Egg Mechanics
- Added Egg Hatching Trick
- Added Egg identifiers

Fly Mounts

- Added Zapdos to 2022 Halloween

OU Tournament winners for November:
Here are this month’s winners for the OU Tournament, unfortunately we did not have a tournament on 13/11.

6/11: bknivelhard (Sammyo runner up)
13/11: No tournament this week
20/11: AtomicWasabi (Aktop runner up)
27/11: Bingjiaokong (Onikasxo runner up)

Tournament Update:
Towards the end of the 1st quarter of 2023, tournaments will be split into seasons and will play a significant role in anticipation of the return of Majors.

Giveaways function:
We plan to add a giveaway feature here on the homepage in the future. There will be daily, weekly and monthly prizes. The prizes will range from tokens, buffs, gold, shiny and pvp pokemons.

Halloween Art contest:
This year’s Halloween Art contest saw many of the communities’ artists come forward to enter the event. Here are the winners for the Digital and non-Digital contests:

Digital Winners:

(2nd) XUAUM

Non-Digital Winners:
(3rd) YAAAS

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