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Winter Event 2022

Greetings trainers! PokeOne Community wishes you a Merry Christmas with some exciting news! The arrival of the 2022 Winter Event.

There is a new custom Winter Map to be explored and plundered. You can access it by speaking to Elf Elfy in Castelia

Along with the new event, don't forget to submit your entries to the Christmas Art Event

Winter Event Guides:

Winter Event 2022 Spawn Guide
Winter Event 2022 Headbutt
Winter Event 2022 RockSmash Crystal
Winter Event 2022 Torches
Winter Event 2022 Teleporter
Winter Event 2022 Daily Trainers
Winter Event 2022 Daily Cave Trainers
Winter Event 2022 Mono Trainer

Event Map:

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  • 2023-03-06
    Location: -

    Posts: 2

    Can you post the spawns

  • 2023-09-24
    Location: -

    Posts: 310

    2022-12-25 at
    7:54 PM - Magical:

    Can you post the spawns

    its in

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