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PokeOne Monthly Newsletter Jan/Feb/March

Dear Community, unfortunately we haven't published a newsletter in quite some time, for which we would like to apologize. Since we haven't contacted you for such a long time, it's time to bring you up to date. Questions like ''What has been patched in the last 3 months,'' ''What projects are we working on and what can we expect in the next month? and especially the question WHO is one of the most successful Shiny Hunters of the last 3 months? All this you can find out here!

Let's start with the patch notes, first of all, it is in our interest to improve Pokeone. So we have to change things and give them time to get better. Of course, we can't find an optimal solution for every player. We have received many messages from you, suggestions, praise, criticism and feedback. We have tried a lot and reworked some patches. Some of the patches are self-explanatory, while others we would like to about here.


Legendary Pokemon
  • All Static Legendary Pokémon can now be checked daily.
  • All Static Legendary Pokemon can no longer be traded.
  • Removed the Lake Trio & Cresselia

Region Change:
  • Gym Leader Original Trainer and Region Lock Rule - Kanto, Johto, BW1 &. BW2 (old change)
  • Gym Leaders Region lock removed (new change)
  • Region lock and OT rule removed from BW2
  • Region checkers added in all major cities - Pokémon Center
  • Level of Pokémon around starting cities reduced - (Palette & New Bark Town)
  • You can no longer help other players with Gym Leaders if you have already completed the quest.

  • General information

Region Change

Siver : In order to control the still big problem with the old accounts, we have decided as team. Gym Leaders can only be fought with Original Trainer Pokémon and you caught in the region . However, we found that this was very challenging for new players, and that players wanted to use their cherished Pokémon in other regions. Therefore, we decided to keep only the original trainer rule for the Gym Leaders and remove the region rule. In Unova Black and White 2 Story, both rules were removed because Unova is used less often for "alt" and the difficulty is higher. In the process, we noticed that many players were catching some high-level Pokemon with their Main for Alt accounts through the party feature. To prevent this from happening, we adjusted the levels of some Pokémon around the starting areas. To avoid the same problem with using your main account in Gym Battles, you can now only fight Gym Leaders with another player in a party, if you haven't completed the quest.

Static Legendary Pokémon

Siver : Unfortunately, due to the fact that some players were creating hundreds to thousands of old accounts and were able to check Legendary Pokémon on a daily basis, we had to implement a mechanism to stop this. We decided that each player would only be able to check Legendary Pokémon once every 7 days, in order to prevent Legendary Pokémon farming. This has now been reduced to 3 days. These changes were not well received by the community, and we received many suggestions. We listened to many good objections and then decided on a proposal that was preferred by the community as well as the GM and MOD team. Legendary Pokémon will be tied to your account, but you will be able to check them daily. This way, new players looking for a good natur and ability will not be penalized. Also, all Legendary Pokémon obtained from eggs are tradable.


Siver : We are working on Sinnoh whenever we have time. Besides our normal jobs to live. But it's a huge amount of work that needs to be done. Right now we are working on the last maps that need to be done (many of which still need to be reworked). At the same time, we are building in the story as much as possible. Then everything needs to be tested and we need the after story content and the daily content. All of this will take a long time, so we don't want to commit to a timeframe. As you saw in the last stream, there are a lot of little details that go into making a map look good. There will be more mapping streams in the future where you can ask me any questions.

Cresselia and the Lake Trio will find their way back to PokeOne with Sinnoh, as we feel that they are a better fit for Sinnoh than Unova.

Map we worked on last time in PokeOneCommunity Stream

What else can we expect?

Another topic are the PVP tournaments. Since the number of players is not that high at the moment and the interest is not so high without changes to the in-game PvP, to motivate the community. PvP tournaments on the homepage do not make sense at the moment. We still want to add a season system on the homepage and have a big tournament with prize money every year. I think it's realistic to do this together with Sinnoh. But if someone wants to organize a tournament, feel free to contact me on Discord.

Easter is coming soon. As every year, our dear Mikan will organize an Easter Art Contest. Mikan will post all the information in time on the Pokeone server in the discord. We are looking forward to your participation and wish you a lot of fun and success! The prize money amounts to 15.000.000$.It is divided into 2 categories: digital and non-digital.The prize money is divided between the 2 categories and amounts to 7.500000$ each. The theme is Easter and Pokémon. The Art Contest is expected to start in the first week of next month!

Shiny Hunter of the Month

Not to keep you in suspense any longer, now we come to the Shiny Hunter of the Month for January, February, and March, all winners please send a pm to Gossipgirlxoxo#8261 on Discord.


Ingame Screenshots ∨∧


Ingame Screenshots ∨∧


Ingame Screenshots ∨∧

There are only 3 days left until the actual end of the month. Valuable time for the Shiny Hunter. Shinys caught from 03/29/23 will be counted as April.

Writing this newsletter has been a lot of fun. I look forward to many more months with you and hope you enjoyed it.In the future the newsletter will be published on time! I will take care of that.
Please feel free to send any suggestions, praise or criticism to Siver. I say goodbye and look forward to the next month with you. Love from your Gossipgirl XoXo

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