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Newsletter April

Dear Pokémon Community, we are back with our monthly newsletter with some exciting news. In our newsletter today, we would like to address a few issues, such as the frequent server outages, for which we would like to apologize in advance. We also have information about the Art Contest and the Shiny Hunter of the Month for April.

  • Fixed Darkrai and Victini bugs
  • Changed loot table for Darkrai and Victini
  • 10 additional PC Boxes
  • Goldy in Battlefrontier removed (exchange Battle Points for Reroll Tokens)
  • All users with pending loot box transactions have been served a donation.
  • Five additional eggs have been added to the Bunny bosses.

Bosses Darkrai and Victini:
  • The bug did not drop the whole loot pool on the bosses.
  • The loot pool has been adjusted, you now have a chance to get large gold boxes from the boss.

  • 10 additional boxes have been added to the PC to unlock. Many people have asked for more boxes in the game. There are more Pokémon in the game than there are boxes for the Pokémon.
  • Goldy has been removed from Battlefrontier. This means that it is no longer possible to exchange Battle Points for Reroll Tokens. Unfortunately, we noticed that more users were using bots to cheat Battle Points in order to exchange them for Reroll Tokens. To prevent this, Goldy has been removed.
  • Some players were not receiving all of their loot boxes when they donated them. We have addressed this issue and replaced all missing loot boxes.

Server Outages

Siver : We apologize for the frequent server outages. We are currently working hard on Sinnoh. Unfortunately, during several checks, we have found error codes that are related to the server outages.
We are currently trying to get the servers back online as soon as possible.
For the downtimes in game, we have decided to keep the Easter Event open a little longer and added 5 more eggs to the Bunny Boss.


We are happy that we have already received so many artworks from you. There is a lot of love, individuality, and effort in every single picture. we have considered giving the winner's their own NPC in Sinnoh in addition to their prize money. You still have until 05/07/23 to submit your pictures. We look forward to seeing you!

All Art-Contest entrys ∨∧

Shiny Hunter of the Month

This month there has been some insane hunting! There were a lot of great choice again this month. However, we noticed that some of you didn't really read the rules, so we'll explain them again short:

Simply post your best shinies every month into the Shiny Hunter of the Month discord channel and the winners will be announced after the month ends. We ask that you only post your best shinies every month to prevent the channel from being spammed. Please note you can only win once each month (You can't be 1st and 2nd in the same month). We do not allow other people to submit your Pokémon and you must own the Pokémon at the time you receive the prize money.

1st: 1 Rare week, Shiny week and 100 Token
2ns: 1 week buff of choice + 75 tokens
3rd: 1 week buff of choice + 50 tokens

All winner will always be awarded with a Shiny Hunter of the Month flair on discord.

Disclaimer:Winners will always be subjective, and we decide as fairly as possible.

The Shiny Hunter of Month April:

Ingame Pokémon ∨∧




Thank you for your attention and I hope this newsletter answers some of your questions. Suggestions, praise and criticism are always welcome. I will say goodbye to you now and hope to see you again next month. The Shiny hunter of the month will be contacted in Discord.

Your Gossipgurl XoXo and thank you for re reading the text MilesWalked

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