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Newsletter July

Dear Pokéone Community, Summer and sunshine, that's how we start this month. We are back with the monthly newsletter. Here you will find some information about the Summer Event. What other little ''events'' have been prepared. We will also find out who won the Shiny Hunter of the Month and who won the Shiny Charmander, so stay tuned.

Summer Event

Since there is an event for every season, it was only logical to have a summer event. Unfortunately, we didn't plan it that way and ended up with some problems and bugs. We are working hard to fix all the bugs. We apologise for any inconvenience. We hope you still enjoyed the event and found new tasks and Pokémon for your Daily Account. Instructions for the next 2 phases will be posted on the homepage in due course.

Summer Art Contest

Mikan is once again hosting our Summer Art Competition. The total prize money of $15,000,000 will be divided into two categories: Digital and Non-Digital. Both categories share 50% of the prize money.
Preismoney Non-Digital Place 3.500.000 + Shiny Milotic (not tradeable)
2nd Place: 2.500.000
3rd Place: 1.500.000


1st Place 3.500.000 + Shiny Milotic (not tradeable)
2nd Place: 2.500.000
3rd Place: 1.500.000

For more information, including rules and when to submit your pictures, visit the official PokéOne Discord server in the Summer Art Contest Channel.

Thank you Mikan!

Click on the link to enter the gallery.

24 Hour Hunt Event

After a long time, we have planned another 24 Hour Hunt Event. The event is organised by BagonTr01 and supported by Flippster and Yaaas. The Hunt Event will take place on 08/19/2023

9 pm GMT-3(Brazil)
5pm PDT(USA)
2 am CEST (Europe)
10 am AEST (Australia)

You will be given a list of Pokémon with their type and ability. These will be entered into a scoring system. The points are based on the difficulty of the Pokémon to catch.
The player with the most points wins. The prize list and prizes can be found in a Discord set up.

Here is the link:

Shiny Hunter of the month

This month there has been some insane hunting! There were a lot of great choice again this month. However, we noticed that some of you didn't really read the rules, so we'll explain them again short:

Simply post your best shinies every month into the Shiny Hunter of the Month discord channel and the winners will be announced after the month ends. We ask that you only post your best shinies every month to prevent the channel from being spammed. Please note you can only win once each month (You can't be 1st and 2nd in the same month). We do not allow other people to submit your Pokémon and you must own the Pokémon at the time you receive the prize money.

1st: 1 Rare week, Shiny week and 100 Token
2ns: 1 week buff of choice + 75 tokens
3rd: 1 week buff of choice + 50 tokens

All winner will always be awarded with a Shiny Hunter of the Month flair on discord.
Disclaimer: Winners will always be subjective, and we decide as fairly as possible.

Ingame Picture of the Winners ∨∧

1.Place Icecube1

2.Place CaptFrankbil21

3.Place Greenfreak

The Shiny Hunter of the month can contact Yaaas on Discord to claim their prizes.


Thank you for your participation.
To keep it fair for everyone, the comment has been drawn.
The winner will receive a Shiny Glumanda of their choice of nature and ability.

The winner of giveaway is:

Please contact Siver to receive your chosen Charmander!

Thank you for your attention and I hope this newsletter answers some of your questions. Suggestions, praise and criticism are always welcome. I will say goodbye to you now and hope to see you again next month.

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  • 2023-08-04
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    gz to the togepi rip for the rotom haha

  • 2023-08-04
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    My sunny team core, why don't you come to my embrace? I'm dying!

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