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Summer Hunting Event

Dear Pokeòne Community, on 19.08.2022 our 24 hr´s Hunting Event was held. Here in the news we want to show you again all the information and the winners who won 2500 Reroll Tokens.

Summer Hunting Event

To coincide with our new event, we came up with something for our hunting-mad members. You had the chance to hunt pre-defined Pokémon within 24 hours. There was a huge turnout, and we would like to thank you for that. This year, BagonTr01, Flippster and Yaaas took care of the organisation. A special Discord was set up where you could create your own channel. We received 120 registrations in total. As not everyone was able to attend, we ended up with about 80 participants.

Interwiev with the participants

Question: Did you make it through the 24 hours, did you have support, how did you make it through the 24 hours and do you have any suggestions to improve?

JediFromHell : i hunted for the entirety of the 24 hour event, which was, looking back, a big mistake. Closer to the end i started reacting a lot more negatively towards getting unlucky with spawns and syncs and it made the experience a bit worse.

I hunted mostly solo, did a few HA hunts with a friend when he was available.

Yes, my suggestion for next event is to extend the list of natures that a participant can get points for. For example, Metang uses adamant nature normally but for event we had to hunt specifically jolly which is less optimal. There were a lot of hunts like this in the list and i saw a fair amount of technically wrong nature shinies that people got by accident. Marking a mon like this as jolly/adamant (kinda same way as you did for Porygon) would give players a choice of a few good natures instead of having to try for a less optimal one because the list says so

Also, by my personal experience with the event, i'd love if sync fails on high point catches (like HA passimian) would get some kind of validation too, maybe 1 point or 0.5, just so that if you fail the 50/50 on something very hard to even encounter in the first place, you could still get something for it and move on, instead of counting the effort completely wasted. It's not enough to shift the importance of luck in the event but will make sync fails on important mons less of a bad experience

Jakubosek : :yeah i had a lot of fun and i played entire 24hours, i had support from my friend for most of the pokemons we duo hunted. Event was really good.

Pauloblanco :
Okay, so I started hunting around noon because I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to & could do it because it was so incredibly hot that day and it was really hard to hunt there. I streamed the event on twicht around 10pm and a buddy who was in the chat helped me catch some Pokemon until 2am. I was able to hold out because I 'only' hoarded for a maximum of 10 hours, which probably made it a bit more bearable than for others. I still managed to score 91 points, which is actually quite good. In the end, it was a pretty successful event, but what bothered me a bit was that you couldn't win it alone without help, and often 2-3 people got together to take first place. Otherwise I'd do it again anytime.

To give you a little insight, here are the 2 lists you could herd Pokémon on.

Because the list offered so many Pokémon to hoard, players who had not yet unlocked all the regions or the event had the opportunity to collect many points. For those who didn't have that much time, there was also a small raffle. Those who didn't make it into the top 25, but had scored more than 15 points, were automatically entered into a draw for 5x 25 reroll tokens.

The Price List:

[centre]1 Place: 300 Reroll Tokens + An NPC in Sinnoh with your name, your preferred sprite and your preferred team to fight with. (more details will be discussed with the winner)
2nd place: 250 Reroll Token
3rd place: 225 Reroll Token
4th place: 175 Reroll Token
5th place: 150 Reroll Token
6th place: 125 Reroll Tokens
7th place: 120 Reroll Tokens
8th place: 115 Reroll Tokens
9th place: 110 Reroll Tokens
10th place: 100 Reroll Tokens
11th-13th place: 75 Reroll Tokens
14th-17th place: 50 Reroll Tokens
18-21st place: 40 Reroll Tokens
22-25th place: 30 Reroll Tokens[/center]

Among all participants who did not make it to the top 25 but scored more than 15 points, 5x 25 Reroll Tokens will be raffled.

The Winner:

Here you can see the winner of the Summer Hunting Event 2023:

1st.Place: 300 Reroll Token + An NPC in Sinnoh who has your name, your preferred sprite and your preferred team to fight with. (more details will be discussed with the winner)
Altios with 217 points ⁠

2nd.Place: 250 Reroll Token
JakuboseK with 204 points ⁠

3rd.Place: 225 Reroll Token
Flicnlic with 198 points ⁠

4th.Place: 175 Reroll Token
Iff5220 with 151 points ⁠

5th.Place: 150 Reroll Token
JustNothing with 145 points ⁠

6th.Place: 125 Reroll Token
Fateh with 138 points ⁠

7th.Place: 120 Reroll Token
Jedifromhell with 136 points ⁠

8th.Place: 113 Reroll Token
LoruDgoluu with 134 points ⁠

9th.Place: 113 Reroll Token
GreenFreak with 134 points ⁠

10th.Place: 100 Reroll Token
Technovase with 118 points ⁠

11-13. Place: 75 Reroll Token
Tissan with 114 points ⁠
Hexraythe with 112 points ⁠
Omglolwot with 112 points ⁠

14-17. Place: 50 Reroll Token
LupercalNL with 110 points ⁠
ChrolloLuzifer with 104 points ⁠
Fabco with 102 points
Fabian91 with 92 points ⁠

18-21. Place: 40 Reroll Token
pauloblanco with 91 points ⁠
FufuBae with 85 points ⁠
Vistox with 84 points ⁠
Tapioquinha with 78 points ⁠

22-26. Place: 30 Reroll Token
DayDemon with 77 points ⁠
sneakles with 74 points ⁠
Shirame with 74 points ⁠
SassyMate with 70 points ⁠
Snufky with 70 points ⁠

The Winners for the 5x 25 tokens :

Kurt Wagner
The Drunken Cat

we hope you had fun!

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