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Newsletter August

Dear Pokeone Community, we are back with our monthly newsletter. A lot of factors have delayed the publication of this newsletter. If you want to know what changes are coming to the game and who is the Shiny Hunter of the month, then read on.

Developer Comment

Dev-Team : We've been repeatedly asked in recent months to provide some insight into our plans for PokéOne, which we are now doing:

Fundamentally, our goal is to make the game fun and rewarding. We've made some changes to counteract the creation of alt accounts (Region Rush, capturing Legendaries). We understand that these nerfs may appear to have the opposite effect. It's important to remember that these nerfs are part of a larger overhaul currently underway. This overhaul pertains to a new monthly PVP and PVE reward system, which will come with many new features (e.g., Boss Teleporter). As a result, we've also removed buff items from the rewards. (Again, dusting off rewards with parked alt characters was too easy). Furthermore, we're also working on Sinnoh. We can't provide a release date just yet, but the region is still expanding, and we're putting all our expertise into making the gaming experience as enjoyable as possible.

Patch Notes:

The Summer Event is closed. We hope you liked it!
If you still have some Event quests open, enter the Kanto Pokemon League. They should be gone then.
Your Sun Coins will be saved!

  • Boss Mewtwo is now connected to a daily quest, which starts at Dr. Taps.
  • ROE boss no longer rewards the hour buff when completed. box reward also now only 1 instead of 2
  • Added a fossil reminder. First login each day you'll receive a system msg when you can pick up a resurrected fossil

Homepage Guide Updates
Added missing pictures for the following

  • Removed hour buffs under rewards section of Root of Evil daily
  • Added info on the patch to Mewtwo daily
  • Added video guide on Regigigas prequest
  • Added Loot List level ranges into all 4 boss guides Amended information on Ash and Mewtwo mega evolutions
  • Added Chargestone cave location for Heatran's magma stone
  • Added video guide for Castelia City Outbreak

Summer Event

We hope you enjoyed the new event and were able to catch some new Pokémon.
If you want to learn more about the Summer Art Contest and the 24-Hour Hunt, check out the articles below:
Summer Hunting Event
Summer Art Contest

Shiny Hunter of the month

This month there has been some insane hunting! There were a lot of great choice again this month. However, we noticed that some of you didn't really read the rules, so we'll explain them again short:

Simply post your best shinies every month into the Shiny Hunter of the Month discord channel and the winners will be announced after the month ends. We ask that you only post your best shinies every month to prevent the channel from being spammed. Please note you can only win once each month (You can't be 1st and 2nd in the same month). We do not allow other people to submit your Pokémon and you must own the Pokémon at the time you receive the prize money.

1st: 1 Rare week, Shiny week and 100 Token
2ns: 1 week buff of choice + 75 tokens
3rd: 1 week buff of choice + 50 tokens

All winner will always be awarded with a Shiny Hunter of the Month flair on discord.
Disclaimer: Winners will always be subjective, and we decide as fairly as possible.

The Shiny Hunter of the month can contact Yaaas on Discord to claim their prizes.

Shiny Hunter of the month August:

Ingame Pokémon ∨∧




Thank you for your attention and I hope this newsletter answers some of your questions. Suggestions, praise and criticism are always welcome. I will say goodbye to you now and hope to see you again next month.

Your Gossipgurl XoXo

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