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Patch Of Wednesday October 9th and Thursday 10th.

2018-10-10 at 11:25 PM - Siver
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New patches bring Halloween stuff, New secret Doors, New mounts and much much more.

Two new patches dropped the last 2 days with a couple of noteworthy things. First is the patch from the 9th, with this patch came a couple mapping changes, those being a trap door at the top of lavender tower. When you go down the trap door you'll arrive in the House of Memories, If you go out from the House of Memories you will arrive back in Lavender Town.

click on the pic for a bigger pic

New paths in Pewter city, a hidden cave in Union Cave, and a new room in Underground Path. What are these new paths and rooms for? Esthetics reason. maybe new content. Something to do with the Halloween event. We will see when the time comes. Lastly they added a Mew to a truck. Rusty having a bit of fun.

Second is the 10th of October, this was a much more substantial update. They added a bunch of Halloween stuff to the game what ever that means, they added map settings and updated the API for it. Added 3 new Fly mounts, 1 of which will only be obtainable in the Halloween event quest, What kinda quest will this be, will it be a tradition do this, this and this or will it be something new we haven't seen in the game yet. O and they added dynamic signs to Unova but that's not as important at the moment

Here the 2 new flymounts Mandibuzz und Braviary

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