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The Halloween Event has finally started

2018-10-25 at 12:33 AM - Siver
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We couldn´t await it, but the Halloween Event has finally been released! It has lots of new content, Quests, new pokemon, new maps and lots of small easter eggs. You can get more infos from "read more".

We had to wait some time and were eager to see what the Pokeone team would deliver. Now the event has finally been released and us guys from RP find it very wellmade and succesfull (without being on Halloween Island yet). W are curious to see what will await us there. There is a Halloween event-map in both Johto and Kanto.

The Halloween Map can be found in Lavendertown on the Kanto region. There you have to run across the mountain in the south-east to get to the event-map. If you run north in that area, you´ll receive the first Halloween Quest from Mina.

The Curse of the Moon

As the quest states, you´ll have to win against 5 dressed Halloween kids in battle. Just go north to the pumpkin field and beat the dressed trainers. When you have finished, go back to Mina to receive the second Quest.

Now you have to collect Silver Tears from wild pokemon. To accomplish this, go back to the pumpkin field and beat wild pokemon, which works nicely in a party. As soon as you have finished the requirements, go back to Lavender Town to Mr. Fuji´s house to finish the quest. Now you´ll get the last quest of the Halloween quest-line.

For that quest, you´ll have to go back to the pumpkin field again and beat Lucius. As soon as you won the battle, the quest has been fullfilled. You have successfully completed the Halloween Questline, congrats!.

But that´s not yet everything that has been added to the event in Lavender Town! If you run back and take the east direction of the fork you´ll reach the Lavender Town Grave Yard. There you can catch a new Pokemon, which is alreadyy being farmed maniacally by the players!


You´ll just have to go to the end of the graveyard and talk to the tombstone. Your soul will be taken from you, and now you can hunt for Honedge during the night. Your soul has to be delivered to the tombstone, else you can´t encounter Honedge!

Furthermore, you can encounter some new NPCs now, who challenge you to some more battles. To exit the map and get your soul back, you´ll have to beat Spirit Steve. After having delivered your soul to farm, just talk to Steve to get it back.

In Johto, the Event-map is situated in Ecruteak City. To reach it, just go to the bell tower and instead of going south take the entrance north. It is difficult to miss it, as the entrance is decorated with pumpkin lanterns. You have reached the Ecruteak graveyard now!

Sadly there is no questline in Ecruteak, but instead there is a cave that can be uncovered. There you can encounter many Npcs and get some items. Furthermore, you are able to catch Spiritomb in a cave on the Halloween Island.
Or just investigate the graveyrad itself, as it includes many small easter eggs.

One more beautiful easter egg has been added to Saffron: the platform 9 3/4, which is known from Harry Potter, including the Hogwards Express! In and around the Express, you can find many hidden-items and trainers who are keen on fighting you.

But there is a community event as well! It can only be unlocked if we work together: To get to Halloween Island, we need to deliver 150000 potions to the port in Vermilion or Olivine, so that the boat will head of to the island.

Enjoy the Halloween event and good luck with the farming!
Your RP-team

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